Friday, July 17, 2009

Retail Therapy

Hey all! 
Sorry about the lack of posting as of late. In my defense, I have been a tad busy! I have a job at this new restaurant in Logan called the Beehive Grill. My duties include being incredibly fake and pretending like I enjoy the long line of people outside the restaurant, and of course taking you to your table! Good times overall! Rach and I have been washing windows on the side which has been a great income boost as well. Minus some near-death experiences it's great!

I'm also going to school during the summer... might have been one of the worst ideas ever! Haha I just don't want to go to class but the good news is I only have 2 weeks left! Pretty exciting I must say! 
Let's see... what else is there to catch you up on... pretty much my life is kind of boring at the moment. My social skills could definitely use a little work. Rach, Z, Kels, and myself just hang out with our awesome neighbors most of the time while beautiful Kim has new people over every day! If I didn't love that girl, I'd probably hate her. ;) 

Yesterday my mom and fabulous cousin Lauren surprised me and came up for a visit! Apparently I had sounded a little down on the phone so my mom decided a little retail therapy was in order! Check out some of our more fabulous purchases...

Goes without saying, this shirt is a prime clubbing shirt. Perfect for Logan's bustling night life! 

Love this little beauty. 

And of course my favorite item of the day....

This sassy little jacket! 

Maybe I should call my mom in a bad mood a little more often?

Well, that's about it ladies and gents! I have a few other stories to incorporate but I need to get the pictures of said events from some other people before I post them. My camera has been MIA until just recently so hopefully I'll have better stories to share later! Until then!