Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evolution of a Spray Tan+Other Adventures

For those that are curious, I decided to take one for the team,

and try out a spray tan.

Phase 1: Before the spray tan...
Skin=exfoliated using an online home exfoliator
(sugar, lemon juice, and a little olive oil)
Skin color=a pasty Idaho white.

Bring it on spray tan!
Phase 2: Post Spray Tan
Skin Color=an orangey brown
Husband does not enjoy the smell of a spray tan and asks wife when she is going to shower once every hour until 10pm.
Also notice my sweet tan line....
Phase 3: Bethany and Clay go rock climbing
Bethany scrubs off most of the spray tan within 3 days because of strenuous activities.
As you can plainly see, Clay "rocks" at climbing rocks.
yah, I agree. Lame joke. Don't judge
In other news, Clay and I didn't make it to the Harry Potter midnight premiere. Not without trying though. midnight showing tickets sold out weeks before the movie came out. We did go wait in line with Rach and enjoyed the sites...
And we might have tried to steal this puppy we found while we were waiting. Look how cute he is...
Don't you worry though, we made it to the movie opening day.
Clay got more awesome husband points and waited in line, by himself, for over an hour. How cool is he?
I would have been in line, but I was busy on a location shoot with Icon all day long.

Ever wonder what the tabernacle looks like at 6am?
Now you know

Yah, we might have been taking pictures on top of the Coppermill restaurant.
And over by the temple

And we rigged up this setup to video people running.

We also went to bear lake
and my boss bought us all raspberry shakes

I love my job

Have a lovely Monday!


Monday, July 11, 2011

In the Summa Time

In the Summa time....

We find weird new sodas to try,

Lots and lots of people get married,

We go to Summerfest and eat tasty food,

and we covet cute little puppies,

we go on climbing trips,

Rach and I take cute pictures,

we go watch some local bands,
and take cool pictures of beautiful Utah sunsets with my iphone
We go to the zoo with Russell,
Baby Hunter
and Sierra,
And watch the antics of the majestic giraffe.
Clay and Hunter take cute pictures
That make me very happy
I eat dip n' dots
So does Bobbie
And so does Clay
We go on train rides,
and look styling in the process.
Kelsey gets a black eye
and I make Clay wear aprons to help me cook Sunday dinner
Clay and Britton take naps
and we shoot off lots and lots of fireworks

as well as draw with sparklers

Megan and I drive way to fast on the segway
and then Drew gets in on the game.
We buy a $12 slip n' slide
and have epic water fights
During which

Clay gets
Very very wet

Clay shows how it's done
as does Devin.
We play with Sierra
and see lots and lots of family members
We break into our apartment through the back window when we leave the key in Idaho Falls
We come up with innovative ways to help our clothes dry
because our dryer hates us
but we try to keep it classy
We take trips to Sam's Club
but Clay doesn't like it much
We enjoy the new babies in our family
(baby Enzo and the dad!)
We go to the temple
to see new members added to our freaking awesome family
and look so fly whilst doing all this
we go to the reception
and mom makes faces when we catch her saying funny things
Clay becomes the unofficial/official videographer for a reception
we cruise around with the brosefs
and eat Nielson's Custard
maybe more then once
and it's so delicious
Our fridge goes out and lots of our food goes bad

I make fresh squeezed lemonade

and we start watching "24"

and that's pretty much what we do
in the summa time