Thursday, October 29, 2009


So as of late I've...

Made my first roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions... yum

Learned how to change a tire, thanks to Kinzie, Clair, and Ashley

Painted the interior of a house and had a blast while doing it...

Made some AMAZING caramel apples with white chocolate, and cinnamon and sugar

.....And this guy has been gone for 13 months. Huzzah! 

Slothfulness-defeated. Mission accomplished. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here's to a new beginning!

Hey everyone! I definitely know it's been a while but I am making a promise to myself now that my posting habits are going to improve significantly, hence the blog makeover! I'm thinking if I like the layout of my blog more, it will inspire me to try a little harder. Haha guess we'll see what happens! What I'm really hoping is that blogging will inspire me to do something exciting with my life. So far it's been a lot of school (18 credits worth, don't ask me what possessed me to do that because I couldn't tell you), a dash of work, and some random moments of fun thrown in there every once in a while. But the real reason for this post is to commit myself to something. My new standard of living is to overcome my faults and become extraordinary so this blog isn't just going to be a journal of my incredibly dull life, but it's basically going to be a set of commitments to myself and chronicle my attempts to overcome my many faults. I figure that if I write it down, it makes it an official goal and then it can be something to work towards! So, here is a list (most likely incomplete) of some of my inner demons that I am determined to conquer!

1. Procrastination (you may laugh, but it's going to happen!)
2. Gluttony (Let's face it, I eat stuff that is not good for me all the time)
3. Slothfulness 
4. Jealousy 
5. Not living up to my full potential

Looks like I have a lot of ground to cover, but I hope you stop by to join me on my journey of self discovery! Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it...