Friday, November 6, 2009

*Sigh* O life...

I'm not really sure what I'm going to say with this post. I'm in a bit of a nostalgic mood at the moment, and I've been thinking a lot about life in general and the possibilities of the coming year. We signed up for classes this week and I've almost got my next semester figured out. I got into all the art classes I needed so that's great news for sure! Now I just have to decide if I'd like to kill myself with credits, or focus on doing really well in about 15 credits worth of classes and going skiing whenever I want! It's either that, or just dropping out of school and becoming a dive master on some remote island in the Caribbean. I'm leaning towards that last one at the moment. I think it's mostly because the reality of growing up is kind of hitting me. Now, I'm no where NEAR being a grown up by any means. (Who knows if I'll EVER get to THAT point in my life ;) ) But it's crazy to think about what lies ahead. In the coming year, who knows what could happen, or could be happening! One of my favorite parts about this life I'm in is the reality of the unknown. Life constantly throws things at you that you didn't expect, and I enjoy every minute of it. That being said, the responsibilities that I'll have sometime in the near future terrifying and exciting at the same time. I'm not sure if I'm ready for what the future holds. It seems like life is speeding by way too fast. I'm already half way done with college and I was just getting used to the idea of being done with high school. My next semester is pretty much planned, and I'm already trying to figure out what the plan is for the summer, and by the time that's done, it's next year already! It really makes you realize how little time you have to do things. I feel like I can't waste a day anymore because there is SO much to do. 
Alright, I think I'm done with my random little moment there. Let me just tell you, I'm SO excited for the summer already. Mostly because of THIS. I'm thinking it sounds like a pretty good plan, if I can round up the tuition money. Not sure what I'll do living by myself in Missoula Montana, 6 hours away from friends and family for a few weeks, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. Other then that, check out Rach and I's new "project" HERE. I'm loving it so far. Well that's a little taste of this week! I promise my next post will be a little more shallow. Until then!

PS I Finally made it to "the wall" with one of my photos this week! Be excited. 

Thursday, October 29, 2009


So as of late I've...

Made my first roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions... yum

Learned how to change a tire, thanks to Kinzie, Clair, and Ashley

Painted the interior of a house and had a blast while doing it...

Made some AMAZING caramel apples with white chocolate, and cinnamon and sugar

.....And this guy has been gone for 13 months. Huzzah! 

Slothfulness-defeated. Mission accomplished. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here's to a new beginning!

Hey everyone! I definitely know it's been a while but I am making a promise to myself now that my posting habits are going to improve significantly, hence the blog makeover! I'm thinking if I like the layout of my blog more, it will inspire me to try a little harder. Haha guess we'll see what happens! What I'm really hoping is that blogging will inspire me to do something exciting with my life. So far it's been a lot of school (18 credits worth, don't ask me what possessed me to do that because I couldn't tell you), a dash of work, and some random moments of fun thrown in there every once in a while. But the real reason for this post is to commit myself to something. My new standard of living is to overcome my faults and become extraordinary so this blog isn't just going to be a journal of my incredibly dull life, but it's basically going to be a set of commitments to myself and chronicle my attempts to overcome my many faults. I figure that if I write it down, it makes it an official goal and then it can be something to work towards! So, here is a list (most likely incomplete) of some of my inner demons that I am determined to conquer!

1. Procrastination (you may laugh, but it's going to happen!)
2. Gluttony (Let's face it, I eat stuff that is not good for me all the time)
3. Slothfulness 
4. Jealousy 
5. Not living up to my full potential

Looks like I have a lot of ground to cover, but I hope you stop by to join me on my journey of self discovery! Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Retail Therapy

Hey all! 
Sorry about the lack of posting as of late. In my defense, I have been a tad busy! I have a job at this new restaurant in Logan called the Beehive Grill. My duties include being incredibly fake and pretending like I enjoy the long line of people outside the restaurant, and of course taking you to your table! Good times overall! Rach and I have been washing windows on the side which has been a great income boost as well. Minus some near-death experiences it's great!

I'm also going to school during the summer... might have been one of the worst ideas ever! Haha I just don't want to go to class but the good news is I only have 2 weeks left! Pretty exciting I must say! 
Let's see... what else is there to catch you up on... pretty much my life is kind of boring at the moment. My social skills could definitely use a little work. Rach, Z, Kels, and myself just hang out with our awesome neighbors most of the time while beautiful Kim has new people over every day! If I didn't love that girl, I'd probably hate her. ;) 

Yesterday my mom and fabulous cousin Lauren surprised me and came up for a visit! Apparently I had sounded a little down on the phone so my mom decided a little retail therapy was in order! Check out some of our more fabulous purchases...

Goes without saying, this shirt is a prime clubbing shirt. Perfect for Logan's bustling night life! 

Love this little beauty. 

And of course my favorite item of the day....

This sassy little jacket! 

Maybe I should call my mom in a bad mood a little more often?

Well, that's about it ladies and gents! I have a few other stories to incorporate but I need to get the pictures of said events from some other people before I post them. My camera has been MIA until just recently so hopefully I'll have better stories to share later! Until then!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Ain't Afraid of no Ghosts!

Wow, 2 posts in 1 day! Be impressed with me. :) Just goes to show how bored I am today!

Our next big adventure came when we took a little weekend trip down to Bountiful to hang with some of Kim's friends. We messed around in downtown SLC, went to echo rock, and had a really random dance party outside the "meditation chapel." 

But of course, the biggest event of the evening is when we... 

Let the World Know

But my favorite adventure of the past little while was definitely our little jaunt down to Tooele last week to do a little Ghost Hunting. I kid you not, you can actually pay to go and hunt ghosts in a haunted hospital in some podunk town west of SLC. Alright, background story. My good buddy Abe texts me about a month ago and asks me if I'm scared of things in general... I tell him only of aliens (another story entirely) and ask him why. Direct quote.. "The Utah Ghost hunting society gives a tour of the old tooele hospital asylum 49, demonstrates equipment, and lets you hunt ghosts." So... of course I'm game! :) We head down there last week and the place was pretty legit. The people running the place are really into the whole ghost thing. They even had a psychic come in and communicate with the ghosts and draw some mug shots of some of the people that hang there. So we start the tour and head into the hospital. All the windows are boarded up and our guide for the evening named Stardust (yah the place was legit!) tells us that a 6 year old boy named Thomas hangs in there (See his picture below on the left. He's supposedly that dark shape on the far left side of that picture) She's telling us a little bit of his history and his interactions with the owners and such when this girls flashlight starts flashing on and off when her hand is no where near the button! So we're all a little bit weirded out after that, but we continue on with the tour. The next room we went in was the only place that was truly scary to me. We walk into this long hallway and we are facing a door at the end of it, and the minute I went into that room, I just felt awful. It was like a mixture of dread/anticipation/anxiety that really didn't feel good and I wasn't the only one who felt something. Zena said she was almost having an anxiety attack from the moment we walked in, and another girl in our group was making her feelings very... vocal? But we'll get back to that in a little bit. So Dusty tells us to look down the hall towards the door and to look at the doorframe then she asks us what we see... and right then, I see a shadow walking back and forth in front of the door! (See picture below on the right. That dark figure standing on the right hand side is it) It continued to walk back and forth as we watched it and Dusty told us that it was the ghost of a man named Weston that had died in elderly care when the hospital was in operation. But then I saw something else that was hanging out by the door.. It was another shadow, but it didn't have a shape to it like a person like "Weston's Ghost" did. It was pretty small, about the size of a cat, and it was hanging out near the bottom of the doorframe. Someone asked Dusty what it was and she said "that is the reason you NEVER come down this hall by yourself." She called it the "dark energy" (can you tell they LOVE this stuff?) and explained that no one really knew what it was, but what it does is it feeds of your own "energy" and gives you feelings of anxiety, depression, and fear! What was really weird is as soon as we left that hallway, those freaked out feelings went away almost immediately. I'm not sure about "dark energy" but there was something down that hallway that night, and it wasn't something I wanted to be around... But back to the tour I suppose! Our next ghostly encounter happened in the children's ward of the hospital. We ended up in a group with some legit ghost hunters that travel the country checking this stuff out, and they were walking around taking pictures with regular old digital cameras when all of a sudden, this guy's camera starts buzzing like a cell phone on vibrate and making all of these clicking noises! We all get excited and go and touch it and it is shaking so terribly it almost falls out of the guys' hand! Well another guy in the group goes to take a picture of us touching the camera and as soon as he lifts his camera to take the picture, the buzzing stops! Definitely not normal right? The rest of the tour went by without any extreme encounters, but we did learn a little history about the building and its current "residents." Well our last ghostly encounter happened when they let us loose to go hunt ghosts by ourselves. We went back to the room where Thomas hung out, thinking a 6 year old ghost wouldn't be nearly as bad as the adults. Dusty was in there with us, teaching us how to contact our "spirit guides" and we were all kind of spacing when there was this bright flash that came from right behind Abe's ear and we were the only ones in the room! It was like a white flash that happened for only a split second and it didn't come from any of our cameras or flashlights. Definitely a night of weird stuff going on there. The pictures I have on here are from their website....

But we weren't finished messing with creatures from the other side that evening... DUN DUN DUN! While we were driving home our friend Shane starts telling us about this lady at the SLC cemetery that stands over her husband's grave every night wearing a wedding dress. Supposedly her husband was in some kind of crime ring and was filthy rich and wanted to try and take some of his wealth with him, so his grave is the target for grave robbers so she stands out there to protect it. The weird thing is, when you go back during the day, the guy's wife is Buried Next to Him so no one really knows if this lady is dead or alive... so of course we head straight over there to check it out. By this time it's about 3am and we're feeling very "in tune" with the other side, but we're not really thinking we're going to see anything, but Shane was convinced that she sits out there every night. We pulled up to where she was supposed to be and looked through the headstones and there.. standing in the dim light from the streetlights was a woman, dressed in a long wedding dress with this long veil that was over the back of her head. Needless to say, probably one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. We all just sat there in stunned silence for a few minutes... then we all started freaking out! Well... all of us but Abe who preceded to take out a flashlight and flash a light in the woman's face! We were all begging him to stop when she Turned Her Head and stared at us! We all had a coronary then and Abe was laughing his guts out. Then he gets out of the car and says he's going to go talk to her! We told him that if he left us in there, we were going to drive back to Logan, with or without him. Well that convinced him, so we drove off, leaving the woman to dwell in the darkness by herself...

The Moral of the Story is if you go looking for trouble from the netherworld, you'll most likely find it. :)


The Adventures of R2

Well, so far I haven't been very good at updating this yet but I'll be honest, it's because I haven't had very many good stories lately! I guess I'll just try to catch all of you up on what I'm doing, then I'll get to my good stories! Well at the moment I'm living in good ol Logan Utah, trying to get my residency. I'm taking a few classes (if you can count Yoga as academic credit) and living with some of my favorite people! I just got a job at the Beehive Grill which was definitely a major blessing! Many thanks to the man upstairs for that one. We're opening in a few weeks so that should keep me busy! Rachael and I are starting up our window washing/car detailing business as well so that should keep the cash flow going nicely! So far, the summer has been awesome but there have definitely been some highlights that I'd love to tell you all about...

Angels and Demons... 
Freaking awesome movie, even better book. I highly recommend it. But I guess the excitment comes from when Zena decided to dress up to go out and see it. Things.... escalated you could say, and dressing up for the movie turned into a full out 80's night for no apparent reason. Everyone at the movie theater gave us the BEST looks! Fun was definitely had. I have to attribute all the clothing to Z though. That girl definitely should have been born about 30 years ago. Here's a little sample of the evening's festivities for yah...

A little roommate bonding! Rach had the brilliant idea to buy canvas and paints and make some decorations for the apartment. Check out our work... 

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting Started!

Well hey all! I'm new to this whole blogging thing so bare with me while I get all this stuff figured out. So I basically started blogging now because I'm thinking my life is much more interesting now then it has ever been and of course I want to share my crazy adventures with the world! And.. of course a few of my friends (Rachael and Ali) have been bugging me about getting one for a while now mostly because I'm a *cough* blog *cough* stalker. :) Hope you'll stop by every once in a while and see what's new with me!