Friday, August 20, 2010

Photoshoot Sneak Peek!

Just got back from a great photoshoot

It was bloody hot

But so worth it

O how I've missed taking legit pictures

Thought you might like to see the results!

Keep in mind that these are straight out of the camera. Enhancements will been done this weekend!

Tavanny was a FANTASTIC model and O so photogenic!

And I love how diverse this shoot was! Lots and lots of variety

Her Zebra outfit was my FAV

Favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite

Thanks to Tavanny (as well as Todd and Chandel) for the awesome shoot! Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cribs-Logan Style

Hey Bloggies!

Once again, sorry I've been MIA

We've been moving into our freakin awesome new place for the past few days and unfortunately we don't have internet yet!

Just so you know, we have the cutest apartment you have ever seen


don't believe me? I have pictures to prove it!
Here's a view of our little kitchen!
My parents were amazing and bought us a kitchen table and chairs and I'm pretty in love with the whole set up!
Another view of our huge kitchen! That door back there leads to our own personal laundry room! No more hoarding quarters and hauling your delicates down the stairs for all to see!
and my favorite part of the apartment... the living room! Isn't our cute decor so Design Sponge?

The 2 large photos were taken by yours truly, the Eiffel Tower was contributed by Marissa, the little photo top-left is Rach's, the brownish one next to it is a photo I bought in Russia, and the 3 paintings were bought in Russia and Estonia! We're pretty cultured if you didn't know
My parents also hooked us up with this AMAZING sectional!
Close up of some of the pillows
A few more
and of course, what cute little party house would be complete without the BIG TV? A hand-me-down from my parents as well. Cute chair is Rach's
House warming party pics will follow soon.
You're all invited

And probably a few of my cute room once the pillows are done

Until then...



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

My last day of school is tomorrow. It's been an awesome 4 weeks but I'm happy to have the rest of the month of August off to do whatever I like.

Though I am going to miss listening to 4 hours of talk radio every morning during class
O Rush how I'll miss you

We went climbing again yesterday. It was awesome but my shoulders hurt like nobody's business
Did I mention I love climbing?
Cuz I do

I don't know why but I've chewed my fingernails down to nothing this week. Is it from stress/excitement about school? Or finding out a certain someone will be coming home on October 7th at 10:30pm?
We may never know.

I "won" a spray tan today. Well, I guess I should say Kinzie called me to tell me to be one of the first 5 callers so we could both get free spray tans.
I'm still not sure if I'm excited or not. I guess you never know till you try right?

I just pray that I come home with one of these perfect tans, (and maybe that body on the far right) and not like this...

Wish Kinzie and I well as we jump into the mysterious world of spray tanning!

My Blog needs a makeover. I want a 3 column set up but something that will show off my photos better. Any suggestions?

I've been spending at least $20 a week on malts from Charlie's (only the best ice cream place on the face of the planet)
I regret nothing

I take that back. My body hates me.
Yoga is callin my name!

I need to get my hair cut. I'll probably do my typical blonde highlights and my lovely lovely bangs, but mark my words, I'll probably cut my hair like this one of these days.

I'm a rockstar at heart anyway

We're moving into our "big girl" apartment next week and I couldn't be more excited! Just picked out the furniture this week and I'm headed for home to pick out pillows and such!

I'm sure pictures will soon follow

I'm also WAY too excited to hang with these ladies
O how I've missed them
Let the Shenanigans begin

Life, how grand it is.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer is where the girls go barefoot and their hearts are just as free as their toes

Can I just say how much I love summer time?

I don't think that there is anything better on this earth then laying out in the grass with a book and an otter pop.

Here's what my July has consisted of so far...

This is one of my projects that I've done for my Computers and Art Class!
Unfortunately, blogger and photo coloring doesn't mix well so just picture this 10 times brighter! I've really been digging this class lately. It's only 4 weeks long but my instructor has really been liking what I've been doing (not to brag or anything... ;) )

and he's actually changed my whole plan for school and such!

The plan (for the moment at least) is to keep doing the photo thing but to ALSO start taking graphic design classes! So, my degree with be a BFA with emphasises...emphisi... emphasomething in Photography and Graphic Design and then I want to work for a magazine when I get outta school!

Good plan right? I think so.

We also did a little climbing about a week ago! Most of the pics are courtesy of Marissa since I was either climbing or belying people but the lighting was great and she got some awesome shots!

These first couple are mine...

Now Marissa's! Obviously :)

I hung at this spot for WAY too long!

Rach's turn!

She struggled at that spot as well... but she was a little more... graceful?

Maybe Marissa should drop her nursing plan and take up photography eh?

Yay for friends! Great day for climbing!

My fam and I also took a little trip to Wyoming for the Baird family reunion!

Because I was on "vacation" I didn't pull my camera out nearly as much as I should have, but I did take a few shots when we were up in the Bighorns!

We did a little 4 wheeling and hanging out until we got eaten alive by killer Wyoming mosquitos that were BITING THROUGH our deet!
Cute Little Jack. Poor kid wasn't feeling good that day but he was a really great sport, and he's still nothing but photogenic, even when he wasn't feeling great.
Beautiful Mountains

Special shout out to my awesome family, especially those that read this blog (you know who you are) it was SO great actually seeing you guys instead of just blog stalking ;)

But on the serious side it was so great talking to you guys! You are all amazing examples to me and I am planning my eventual move to Arizona as we speak!

Our next big adventure was seeing the airshow in IF!

I wasn't really sure what to expect when we went but HOLY AMAZING!
I seriously had no idea that planes could do the things that they did until I went to this show!
Good news is I took tons of pictures!

We also had really really great seats since my dad has a ton of pilot friends so instead of dealing with all the crowds, we had our own food and nice comfy seats in an airplane hanger! The planes would go right by where we were sitting so that was pretty awesome as well!
Of course, my dad was completely in his element! It was really fun watching it with him and hearing the technicalities that go into actually flying those planes!
And of course, the stars of the show, The Blue Angels!
Only 18 inches between these planes!

July has definitely been a success

August, Bring it on!

PS Happy 1 year Blogging Anniversary!