Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Quick Post of Happenings

Hola friends! 

Long time, no see! 

Life has been a wee bit crazy around here lately, but at the same time I don't feel like I have anything to really tell you that's terribly exciting but who doesn't like looking at photos right? :) 

Well, since the last time I blogged I found out that the hubs has a little secret... 

Yep. My husband is Superman. 
I'm in love

For those of you that don't know, I'm terribly obsessed with politics. November 6th was a VERY sad day. 

Seriously, I was depressed for DAYS. But I was happy that I showed my support for a candidate I was proud of. 

I have been doing a TON of work for Icon lately which has been AWESOME! It's basically my fake full time job. I'm thinking I'm just going to keep showing up every morning at 8:30 and see what happens.  

The extra cash has been amazing as well. Don't you love it when blessings come when you need them the most? I've called the last 3 weeks, Icon pays for Christmas :)

So, most of the time, I'm a pretty good cook. I don't struggle much but when I do, it's with really strange things. 

Like boxed Macaroni and Cheese. 

Don't ask. 

Well a while back I decided to make cookies and here is what happened... 

They freaking melted! I figured out (WAY too late) I had forgotten an entire cup of flour. O well, you can't always have culinary successes right? 

In other news, I've been upgrading a lot of different aspects of my business like CRAZY lately which has been SO fun. These are my new, super awesome business cards! 

We've also spent a LOT of time with family lately which is always fun! Bobbie loves her brothers... 

And the cutest of the cute babies, Weston loves rocking with Grandpa. 

Another recent business upgrade... Jump drives for my weddings! I am SO thrilled with how they turned out! 

Alright, now onto the updates that don't have pictures to go with them! 

Clay got a new job!!!! Yay for no more serving! He's now working up at the school which he has been LOVING. And we love having a steady paycheck coming in! And weekends/holidays off! Can I just say how grateful I am that Clay is so willing to work while going to school? He's pretty great that way. 

As for me, the Photo business is booming! I have 3 weddings booked for December, 2 of which are on the 14th and 15th! It will be fun but I'm sure I will be exhausted! Haha 

As I mentioned before, lots of work for Icon lately which has been super awesome, but it has definitely put me behind on my editing. For about the past week I get up, work for Icon, come home around 5, grab something to eat, then edit until midnight, then I start the whole thing over again. It's so fun to be busy and doing what I love but I will definitely be ready for Christmas vacation! 

Have you seen Parks And Recreation yet? 
SO Funny
We highly recommend it and our Netflix cue will back us up.

No we haven't watched 3 seasons in the past 3 days... 

O, btw, we're moving. 

Like next week

We found an awesome new townhouse just a little ways away from were we live now and I am SO excited! But it is a little bitter-sweet to leave our little place we've been living since we were newly weds! 

O apartment, despite the fact that we have to keep our food and towels in the same cabinet, and I have to cut vegetables on our kitchen table, you have been dearly loved and I would be lying if I said I wouldn't miss you just a little bit. 

I will be taking lots and lots of pictures of the new place for another blog so be ready for that! 

Well, that's about it around here! Once life settles down a little bit, we will be back to some more consistent blogging shortly! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Things (Happy 100 posts!)

Well hello everyone! 

I promise I haven't abandoned this blog of mine! 

It's just that I haven't had anything exciting to blog about for a while now! 

I guess I should probably just tell you to hit up my photo blog for the most current updates on my life. 

PS it is newly designed by cute Hilary from Simply Yours Designs. 

She was super awesome and traded her amazing blog designing skills for family photos which of course I was happy to do since her family is probably the cutest thing you will EVER see. Go HERE if you'd like to see some of their family session! 

Here's one straight off the back of my camera... 

Can I just say how awesome it is to be getting the ol photo business off the ground? I was worried I would have to get a side job to pay all the bills but things are working out great so far which is a HUGE blessing for sure.

 Definitely feeling thankful around here for all of your support and to my Heavenly Father for always getting me work when we need it. 

I have been doing other things besides taking photos though! 

Like buying these super cool pants... 

How amazing are these babies? I love me some TJMaxx and my mom's super seeker skills in said store. I'm very much into colored and/or patterned pants these days (lets be honest, who isn't?) 

In other news, remember when I did a bunch of photos for local businesses for school way back when? I might have mentioned something about it HERE

Anyways, I was wondering if they'd ever ended up using the photos we'd given them and I wandered over to The Kater Shop website and lo and behold I saw my photos EVERYWHERE! How cool is that? It definitely made me happy. Especially when I discovered that my cute brother is the model for their missionary clothing! 

How cute is he? 

Remember how I took this 20 minutes before he went into the MTC? Yah... I definitely reconstructed that background. Thanks brother for helping me accomplish my hail mary! 

In other news, Logan has been SO pretty this fall. I decided to take a little trip into the canyon to do some location scouting for family photos... so pretty 

I've also been wanting to buy an awesome chair for my shoots. Anyone want to lend me $200 and a space to store this pretty thing? 

Yes, I am jumping all over the place today. Sorry about that. 
Last week I got a little burnt out over editing 24/7 and decided I needed a craft day to mellow me out. 

I found an awesome wreath online and decided to copy it! (especially since wreaths are like $40 to buy... craziness) I'm pretty dang happy with out it turned out! 

After my wreath was finished, I road my crafting high and made this cute lil banner for our living room... 

Yah, I'm pretty cool I guess :) 

I also bought this super cute scarf from the good ol Buckle that I just had to share with you since I feel very sassy in it. Yay Fall! 

Yes I might have worn it 3 days in a row... no judgements. :) 

After much coaxing I talked dear Clay into going on a photo safari with me up in the Canyon! And of course whenever we go on any kind of adventure, be it mini or otherwise, I like to take pictures of us to prove to you all that we're not dead. 

And it wouldn't be Clay if he wasn't making faces when I'm trying to take cute smily pictures... 

I'm really into the photos I got last night. Here's one straight off the back of mi camera...

And another one that's cool all on its own. 

Finally got the silly to smile and I get asian eyes... such is life I suppose. 

Yah, we're pretty adorable I guess. 

Clay's Instagram

My photo of Clay Instagramming... 

And a few more pretties from last night's trip! 

And poor Clay had to model so I could see how the light would look on a person... 

I'm sorry he's so ridiculous... (no I'm not) 

Clay did take the ol D70 out for a spin! 

Not sure if he liked it?

Well, that's about it with us! Clay's rocking the school thing, I'm rocking the photo thing and attempting to keep the house clean while attempting to become a culinary goddess. 

It's definitely a process :) 

We've got a few fun things coming up in the next little while so I'll definitely keep this little blog going! Until then, keep checking and like the Facebook page! (End shameless self promoting here) :) 

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday! 


PS Happy 100th post to me! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life Lately


And another catch-up post it is! 

And this time, we're going to be covering another 2-ish months of my life once again. Be excited! As usual, lots and lots of pictures coming! 

First off, I don't think we've talked about it here but Clay and I have a tradition with our friends, Shaun and Camille called "Mario Party Party" which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 

We buy pizza and snacks, then battle it out with vindictive fury, Mario Party style. We've been doing this for a few months now and the excitement has gotten a lot worse since we added a trophy to the mix. It's a Mario backpack that the winner fills with new and exciting prizes every time we play. 

Here is a recent prize from one of our nights... 
Yah, we're pretty cool. 

In other news, a few weeks back I made Clay promise me that we would go on a hike. 

We got around to it at about 1 in the afternoon, which turned out to be a brilliant (read terrible) idea

I'm sure Clay will love this picture... 

Not only was it about 100 degrees, it was a pretty steep hike

But of course, since we're rock stars, it was not problem for us...

Yah, it was actually horrible. And I'm pretty sure Clay will never hike with me again

Good news is we finally made it to our destination! The Wind Caves! 

Thank heavens for shade

Clay contemplating nature

Our last harrah before school started for Clay was heading up to Park City with mi familia! It was a fantastic time! Especially the Alpine coaster, which we road a few times

The ride up gives you some time to take some pics... 

Goofy Hayden getting ready for the Alpine Slide

Clay ready to roll. 

And of course, since it's us, we had to rock mini golf. We are incredibly serious about our mini golf... 

My family had the hotel for a week but left after a couple days, so Clay and I had the place to ourselves for a day! We got Clay's favorite thing... 

And walked Main Street Park City. So pretty! 

Took some cute pictures of course

And, completely out of order, a few from the Reed Family Camping Trip 2012! 

So Pretty!

Unfortunately I had to leave the family camping trip early to hit up my cousin, Lauren's wedding. Don't you wish you could be in 2 places at once? 

We also had a wedding in the family! See for pics from that happy occasion! 

Also since then, Clay started school again and I've been photographing like CRAZY! Yay for being busy! 

Not only have I been photographing for my personal business but ICON has also had me in to assist! About a week ago, they even let me shoot one day! Check it out... 

My family came into town a couple weekends ago and we hit up our favorite breakfast place, Angie's! 

And also went to our favorite restaurant, Kabuki's! 

O and Clay got glasses! 

We're pretty cute

And yes we can smile like normal people

Like I said, I've been photographing like crazy and I'm really starting to feel like the business is starting to take off! I've even started marketing campaigns! 

If any seniors are looking for a photographer, I'm your girl! 

And since I like my posts random and all over the place, heres some pictures from and ICON shoot that was up at the library on campus. 

Look how professional and cool we are! 

Not gonna lie, I was missing school until I remembered I get paid to do this now. 

In other news, look at this cute kitty that Clay won't let me have... 

She's free! One day we'll hear the pitter patter of kitty feet. Once we finally move out of our scary apartment. 

Not only have we had to call the cops 3 times (did I mention my bike got stolen off of our front porch IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY?!)but I woke up one morning this week and look what was outside... 

Why yes, that IS a chicken. I dubbed him Keith and thought nothing of it. 

Until we got back from errands later that evening... 

And they've been hanging out around here ever since. 

Time to make some money so we can upgrade to a new space.

Well, that should pretty much get us all caught up to this point! If you really want to know what's going on in my life, it's probably easier to check out my photo blog, especially since I've locked myself in the house for the past 3 days to edit (yay sweats) 

Hopefully we'll do something exciting soon so I can keep this good ol blog a rollin! Stay tuned!