Tuesday, August 30, 2011

School and Such

Does anyone read this anymore?

Well, to anyone that still follows our random adventures and doesn't mind reading my weird musings, here's a little update for you!

Well, my internship at Icon ended last Wednesday.
It was very bitter sweet.

I was excited to be starting my SECOND TO LAST SEMESTER at USU

But sad to be leaving Icon because I had learned so much there!

Plus, they just invested in this little cutie...

This camera also happens to be a medium format digital camera

and it's also $30,000

and my boss let me take a few photos with it for kicks and giggles.

Holy Cow.

Everyone that loves photography at all should have a chance to shoot with that camera.

It was a beautiful thing

Well anyways, the blow of ending my internship was softened when they offered me a freelance assisting position with them! They'll call me whenever they have location shoots and such and I'm nothing but happy about it. After talking to my boss about freelance assisting, another opportunity to do a little freelance assisting came up! This time with none other then The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Yep. I'll be assisting the church!

I actually went and did my first job with them on Saturday and we shot some stuff for the new "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet. Definitely not the kind of assisting I was used to but I learned a lot from a veteran photographer!

There are 6 on staff photographers at the church and the great thing about freelance assisting is it is pretty lenient and I can kind of pick and choose when I want to work. Which will be nice because we just started...


Well, because of my first freelancing job with Icon I had to skip my first class of the new semester.... meaning I had to live through Clay's first day of school.

I got up early and made Clay banana pancakes, smiled way to much, asked Clay if he was nervous one too many times, and then I took first day of school pictures... as you can see he was very excited about my picture taking idea.
yes, he refused to smile. But I'm sure he was excited on the inside! Just not about me taking pictures like an overly excited mom :)

I however was much more excited. See the super cheesy, picture of me below...

I've only got 3 classes I'm actually attending up on campus. 19th century photographic processes, studio photography, and painting. Should be a fun semester!

I also must say, it is so fun having Clay going to classes at the same time I am.
We get to meet in between classes, have mini dates at "The Hub" and take Institute together.

And just between you and me, I like being one of the people that gets to hold hands with their significant other and walk around campus. :)

Wish us luck as we start our new semester!


Thought I'd leave you with this lil gem. Because I'm super cool and wear fedoras these days.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Knocking on Death's Door


Pretty much how I've been feeling for 2 weeks

I've missed 2 days of work this week

Slept for about 14 hours yesterday

When I'm not sleeping, I'm watching trash TV

Like The Bachelor Pad

Yah, I'm judging myself for that one

Hope the rest of you are enjoying the nice weather


Monday, August 15, 2011

Melissa and Jeremy Sneak Peak!

I've been trying to hold off on these until I got these edited but I just couldn't stand it any longer!

I was privileged enough to take some engagement pictures for my old roommate Melissa and her sweet fiance Jeremy a few weeks back and it ended up being one of my favorite shoots!

They both have so much personality and are SO in love

and I'm in LOVE with the shots we got!

Take a look below...

Can't wait for their wedding!

Now, I'm off to edit!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fish Heads & Lightning Bolts

Man, I'm not very good at this whole "keeping the blog updated" thing am I?

And honestly, I don't think we've been that busy (pretty sure Clay would disagree with that pretty strongly :) )

Same old thing going on here in Logan!
School for Clay, work for me.

And now Clay has a new job that I'm sure will tie us up as well. (YAY Beehive Grill! )

I'm sure we'll still find times for adventures though, especially since there are only a few weeks left in the summer *sniff*

Well, anyways, onto a little of lately!
A couple weeks ago was the official "Reed Family Camping Trip"
I was informed that it wasn't really a camping trip because we stayed in a cabin instead of tents which has been the norm up to this point.

I have to tip my hat at my sisters-in-law.

They've braved camping in tents with their tiny kids up to this point. So brave.
They'll probably drop me off in the wilderness for a few days with my future kidlets just so I can get a taste.

But anyways, it was WAY to much fun. We stayed up playing card games (which I did NOT cheat at thank you very much)
ate lots and lots of delicious food (Thank you thank you mama-in-law Melissa!)
went fishing
watched movies
taught the kids how to howl like wolves
and watched for wildlife.

And because it's me, here's the trip in pictures...

Probably the worst pictures in the world of us... we're a little ridiculous

Last weekend I headed to "The Motherland" (Wyoming) with my dad and Britton for what I dubbed the "Man Trip"

Before participating in hair-growth inducing activities, we stopped in Cody for Eric and Lauren's open house.

This picture made me laugh so hard. Look and my grandpa's face...

Then it was off to the mountains for some adventuring!
The fearless crew...
and one of my most favorite pictures of my grandpa.. He LOVES the mountains

We found this old burnt out cabin while cruising on the razors. Just the fireplace left...

and our catch

at 84 my grandpa is still a champ
Britton loved fishing
and of course my grandpa caught the biggest fish of the day
we got followed around by some cows... kinda weird.

and of course, I couldn't help but take some artsy pictures.
In other news, we had an AWESOME lightning storm the other night.
Clay and I just sat out on our porch for about an hour watching it. Of course, I took some pictures. Clay said it reminded him of the Philippines.

I'm hoping to find some time to go through and clean some of these up. They could potentially be pretty neat-o!

Next on our list...

Wedding next weekend for one of Clay's mission buddies
he's the best man, I'm the photographer :)

Editing photos for one of my most favorite engagement sessions EVER!
I might post some preview pics on here... they are adorable.

Also... keep an eye out for my NEW photography website... coming soon. It's gonna be sa-weet!