Saturday, January 29, 2011

Make no little plans, they have no magic to stir men's blood-Daniel H. Burnham

Guess what?
I haven't died!
And I have a few things to catch my loyal readers up on

Yes most of it is wedding related but what can yah do?
I'm getting married in a month after all!

Just to warn you though, this post is going to be all over the place since I haven't updated this thing in a LONG time

Clay and I registered a little while ago
Probably one of the funnier experiences I've ever had
We had WAY too much fun with the scanner guns
I was thinking about it after we finished up and was wishing that you could put a star by the things you're really excited about you know?
I love blenders and tupperware as much as the next person but... well....

My solution was to give my readers the special privilege of seeing my
Favorite Registry Items List!
Just a little incentive for those of you that read this... if you are the giver of one of these gifts you will shoot up on my favorite people list substantially.
And I'll owe you. Muchly.

So without further ado, may I proudly present

Words cannot describe how much I ADORE this bedding. It is just O so me. Yes I will be made fun of because it is crocodile print. Frankly I don't care.
If it isn't broken, don't fix it. You can't improve on perfection.
Perfection=any kind of reptile print
O how I love these dishes! I have been coveting these babies ever since I discovered the wonder that is Bed Bath and Beyond. Plus, who doesn't love square dishes?
Yes, we might have picked out our silverware based on how well the spoons can cut things. You read that right, how well the SPOONS cut.
You can take the boy out of the Philippines but you can't take the Philippines out of the boy
I think this little baby might make or break our marriage/food budget.
I never realized how expensive it can be to keep Clay fed until he moved to Logan! Rice is the perfect solution. Philippines favorite, and o so cheap.
Now we get onto the real favorites... Clay discovered this game about a week ago and it's now his new favorite thing. It has been a favorite around my apartment for a LONG time now. NOTHING beats Bananagrams
Yes this is the shower curtain we registered for. I also registered for a much more sophisticated, cloth shower curtain, but seriously, how much cooler is this? It's also about a tenth of the price.
Yes we registered for nerf guns.
Yes we're old enough to be getting married.
Why do you ask?
Ok this one takes a little explaining. I'm very anti video games, especially Xbox 360 when you get married. From my personal experience, guys just don't have the self control to drag themselves away from it. I'm not competing with Nazi Zombies. However, I make a very large exception when it comes to the N64. My mom officially became the coolest mom EVER when she got us one of these little babies for Christmas. If you guys have old N64 games laying around... instant wedding present.
(Golden Eye, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros get you extra bonus points.)

Alright, onto other developments!
Meet Clay and I's new babies, Ralphie and Thor...
(not really ralphie and thor... i was just too lazy to upload pictures of them)
You might remember them from my digital final. They were Marissa's frog zits.
They're little, and cute, and Clay loves them more then me.
But seriously, who can blame him?

So I think I may have found the hair I want for my wedding day...

Thank you Jessica Alba.
Now if only I could have your body to go with it.

Now onto a segment I like to call,
The Hunt for the Perfect Wedding Shoes

I had something very specific in mind when I was thinking of my wedding shoes
They had to be heels
They had to be strappy
They had to be some kind of lizard print (see beginning of this post)
and they had to be green

Little did I know how difficult this was going to be

My first discovery was these little babies...
O. My. Heck.
Perfection in a shoe.
Thank you Rach and Maris
Unfortunately, they only came in a size 6
Strike that idea

The next logical step was to google green heels
Google rewarded my efforts with these...
Zombie Stompers
Well, they are green
And they have a heel
and you know how much I love zombies
But sadly we parted ways

Well, obviously this search was starting to get a little ridiculous.
And apparently green shoes don't exist in the middle of winter, so I decided to compromise and open up the search to grey shoes
That is when I found these...
But then I remembered, Clay does not find me being an inch and a half taller then him sexy in ANY way.
These were NOT my shoes.

Luckily, we found the perfect match just a few clicks later... Meet the winner!
My beautiful, grey, snake skin wedding shoes! Now that you know the story of the struggle behind them, I'm sure you appreciate them as much as I do.

Now, something that I am very excited about
A little while ago, Clay and I were talking about honeymoon destinations
We'd already decided to just do something little right after the wedding, and save up and do something cool, either around our one year anniversary or during the summer

We were tossing around ideas and of course, Clay threw out his favorite place as an option..
Well, I decided to look into it, and apparently the Philippines aren't exactly high on tourists' destination list. Meaning flights are dirt cheap
The more we talked about it, the more we realized how doable this might actually be!
And seriously who WOULDNT want to go here...

Naga Philippines here we come!

Well, that's about all from our area of the world!
As always more posts to come!


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wedding Sampler

Just a little taste of what's going down March 4th

If you can't tell, I have wedding things on the brain

The Colors.
Diamond white is thrown in there as well


Bridesmaids' Dresses
Sleeves will be added

Suits and Skinny Ties
So sexy

But most of all, to my sweetheart...

And now... time to get it all together!

Wish us luck!