Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Things (Happy 100 posts!)

Well hello everyone! 

I promise I haven't abandoned this blog of mine! 

It's just that I haven't had anything exciting to blog about for a while now! 

I guess I should probably just tell you to hit up my photo blog for the most current updates on my life. 

PS it is newly designed by cute Hilary from Simply Yours Designs. 

She was super awesome and traded her amazing blog designing skills for family photos which of course I was happy to do since her family is probably the cutest thing you will EVER see. Go HERE if you'd like to see some of their family session! 

Here's one straight off the back of my camera... 

Can I just say how awesome it is to be getting the ol photo business off the ground? I was worried I would have to get a side job to pay all the bills but things are working out great so far which is a HUGE blessing for sure.

 Definitely feeling thankful around here for all of your support and to my Heavenly Father for always getting me work when we need it. 

I have been doing other things besides taking photos though! 

Like buying these super cool pants... 

How amazing are these babies? I love me some TJMaxx and my mom's super seeker skills in said store. I'm very much into colored and/or patterned pants these days (lets be honest, who isn't?) 

In other news, remember when I did a bunch of photos for local businesses for school way back when? I might have mentioned something about it HERE

Anyways, I was wondering if they'd ever ended up using the photos we'd given them and I wandered over to The Kater Shop website and lo and behold I saw my photos EVERYWHERE! How cool is that? It definitely made me happy. Especially when I discovered that my cute brother is the model for their missionary clothing! 

How cute is he? 

Remember how I took this 20 minutes before he went into the MTC? Yah... I definitely reconstructed that background. Thanks brother for helping me accomplish my hail mary! 

In other news, Logan has been SO pretty this fall. I decided to take a little trip into the canyon to do some location scouting for family photos... so pretty 

I've also been wanting to buy an awesome chair for my shoots. Anyone want to lend me $200 and a space to store this pretty thing? 

Yes, I am jumping all over the place today. Sorry about that. 
Last week I got a little burnt out over editing 24/7 and decided I needed a craft day to mellow me out. 

I found an awesome wreath online and decided to copy it! (especially since wreaths are like $40 to buy... craziness) I'm pretty dang happy with out it turned out! 

After my wreath was finished, I road my crafting high and made this cute lil banner for our living room... 

Yah, I'm pretty cool I guess :) 

I also bought this super cute scarf from the good ol Buckle that I just had to share with you since I feel very sassy in it. Yay Fall! 

Yes I might have worn it 3 days in a row... no judgements. :) 

After much coaxing I talked dear Clay into going on a photo safari with me up in the Canyon! And of course whenever we go on any kind of adventure, be it mini or otherwise, I like to take pictures of us to prove to you all that we're not dead. 

And it wouldn't be Clay if he wasn't making faces when I'm trying to take cute smily pictures... 

I'm really into the photos I got last night. Here's one straight off the back of mi camera...

And another one that's cool all on its own. 

Finally got the silly to smile and I get asian eyes... such is life I suppose. 

Yah, we're pretty adorable I guess. 

Clay's Instagram

My photo of Clay Instagramming... 

And a few more pretties from last night's trip! 

And poor Clay had to model so I could see how the light would look on a person... 

I'm sorry he's so ridiculous... (no I'm not) 

Clay did take the ol D70 out for a spin! 

Not sure if he liked it?

Well, that's about it with us! Clay's rocking the school thing, I'm rocking the photo thing and attempting to keep the house clean while attempting to become a culinary goddess. 

It's definitely a process :) 

We've got a few fun things coming up in the next little while so I'll definitely keep this little blog going! Until then, keep checking and like the Facebook page! (End shameless self promoting here) :) 

Hope you are all having a lovely Monday! 


PS Happy 100th post to me!