Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life Lately


And another catch-up post it is! 

And this time, we're going to be covering another 2-ish months of my life once again. Be excited! As usual, lots and lots of pictures coming! 

First off, I don't think we've talked about it here but Clay and I have a tradition with our friends, Shaun and Camille called "Mario Party Party" which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 

We buy pizza and snacks, then battle it out with vindictive fury, Mario Party style. We've been doing this for a few months now and the excitement has gotten a lot worse since we added a trophy to the mix. It's a Mario backpack that the winner fills with new and exciting prizes every time we play. 

Here is a recent prize from one of our nights... 
Yah, we're pretty cool. 

In other news, a few weeks back I made Clay promise me that we would go on a hike. 

We got around to it at about 1 in the afternoon, which turned out to be a brilliant (read terrible) idea

I'm sure Clay will love this picture... 

Not only was it about 100 degrees, it was a pretty steep hike

But of course, since we're rock stars, it was not problem for us...

Yah, it was actually horrible. And I'm pretty sure Clay will never hike with me again

Good news is we finally made it to our destination! The Wind Caves! 

Thank heavens for shade

Clay contemplating nature

Our last harrah before school started for Clay was heading up to Park City with mi familia! It was a fantastic time! Especially the Alpine coaster, which we road a few times

The ride up gives you some time to take some pics... 

Goofy Hayden getting ready for the Alpine Slide

Clay ready to roll. 

And of course, since it's us, we had to rock mini golf. We are incredibly serious about our mini golf... 

My family had the hotel for a week but left after a couple days, so Clay and I had the place to ourselves for a day! We got Clay's favorite thing... 

And walked Main Street Park City. So pretty! 

Took some cute pictures of course

And, completely out of order, a few from the Reed Family Camping Trip 2012! 

So Pretty!

Unfortunately I had to leave the family camping trip early to hit up my cousin, Lauren's wedding. Don't you wish you could be in 2 places at once? 

We also had a wedding in the family! See for pics from that happy occasion! 

Also since then, Clay started school again and I've been photographing like CRAZY! Yay for being busy! 

Not only have I been photographing for my personal business but ICON has also had me in to assist! About a week ago, they even let me shoot one day! Check it out... 

My family came into town a couple weekends ago and we hit up our favorite breakfast place, Angie's! 

And also went to our favorite restaurant, Kabuki's! 

O and Clay got glasses! 

We're pretty cute

And yes we can smile like normal people

Like I said, I've been photographing like crazy and I'm really starting to feel like the business is starting to take off! I've even started marketing campaigns! 

If any seniors are looking for a photographer, I'm your girl! 

And since I like my posts random and all over the place, heres some pictures from and ICON shoot that was up at the library on campus. 

Look how professional and cool we are! 

Not gonna lie, I was missing school until I remembered I get paid to do this now. 

In other news, look at this cute kitty that Clay won't let me have... 

She's free! One day we'll hear the pitter patter of kitty feet. Once we finally move out of our scary apartment. 

Not only have we had to call the cops 3 times (did I mention my bike got stolen off of our front porch IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY?!)but I woke up one morning this week and look what was outside... 

Why yes, that IS a chicken. I dubbed him Keith and thought nothing of it. 

Until we got back from errands later that evening... 

And they've been hanging out around here ever since. 

Time to make some money so we can upgrade to a new space.

Well, that should pretty much get us all caught up to this point! If you really want to know what's going on in my life, it's probably easier to check out my photo blog, especially since I've locked myself in the house for the past 3 days to edit (yay sweats) 

Hopefully we'll do something exciting soon so I can keep this good ol blog a rollin! Stay tuned! 


Sunday, September 2, 2012

The 2 Month Old Blog Post


Once again, I disappeared for a while there

and I pretty much had no reason to

Such is life I suppose. 

at the moment I am feeling super antsy and I am definitely not in the mood to pick up the house like I probably should be doing. 

I tracked down the Harry Potter audio books on youtube and I'm feeling pretty good about that

Makes me feel like I'm multi-tasking while editing photos/blogging

But anyways, here's an update on life in the Reed household! 

I went up to the motherland (Lovell Wyoming for those that don't know) with my dad to take pictures of my cousin's family (see if you'd like to see the photos) and we got to hang with a lot of family which made me very happy. 

Having both sides of the family from Wyoming and making the trip up there at least once a year, you might be surprised to hear that I have NEVER been to the Cody rodeo. 

I know. Ridiculous 

My uncle got us tickets to the Ultimate bull riding and I'm not going to lie, I loved it

Look at our awesome seats! 

I don't know why I was so surprised by the bull riding. There were 40 something guys that rode and only 8 held on for the full 8 seconds! The bulls were definitely winning that night. 

The crew! Uncle David, cousin Michelle, Grandpa and Grandma!  

The trip ended way to quickly as usual. So glad my dad has the ability to get us to Wyoming in about 45 minutes. Much better then the 6+ hour drive! 

Now onto the random adventures we've had for the past few weeks! 

Clay and I went to the Cache Valley Cruise-In for kicks and giggles. Living a block away from the fair grounds, there really isn't an excuse to miss such things. 

We know absolutely nothing about cars but we had a good time! Even if Clay doesn't look like it in this picture... 

What a punk. He really was freaking excited to see the dalorian

And the highlight! the bat mobile! Complete with Abed! (Community reference for those of you that don't know. and if you don't know it, you better change that real quick!) 

Tricycle for Dad

And of course, a lot of my life looks like this. Yes it takes me 3 computers to work. No judgements. 

And we made another lil trip back to bear lake with Craig, Camielle, John, and Kelsey! Wish I would have taken more pictures but we were in the water the entire time! Our new favorite place. 

Guess what finally showed up in the mail?! So excited! It's finally official, even if they gave me a fake middle initial! 

I had the awesome opportunity to help a local Logan photographer, Levi Sim photograph an ice skating competition! I was in charge of the group shots but while there was some down time I got to go  try to get some action shots on the ice

This is definitely not my $5000 lens but a girl can dream right? 

This was my spot. It was a good time and I LOVED all of the costumes that the girls got to wear. Made me wish I would have taken up ice skating when I was younger! 

Taken during some down time.

One of my shots off the back of the camera

And of course, I've been hanging out with these ladies! We've been getting things together for Rach's wedding and it has been so fun! Plus the Luna puppy is hilarious

I was on a culinary roll a few days ago and cooked for almost every meal. Yes I am a good wife sometimes! Thank heavens for pinterest and all of the interesting recipes it provides me with! This was Salmon with a Strawberry balsamic reduction! Sounds a lot harder then it is. Only took 15 minutes to put this together and it was AMAZING! See my pinterest board if you're interested in the recipe! 

And of course Clay and I were 2 of many people who attended "The Dark Knight Rises" premiere! Holy Cow. What a perfect ending! We were just buzzing about it as we came out of the theater.

I also got my hair did! I was going something similar to my usual cut but something a little bit edgier and more sleek. I decided to model it off of this girl... 

I love me some Emma Stone. 
So... here is the end result! 

I'm pretty pleased with it overall! 

So... I'm actually finished this post about 2 months after attempting to write it. Classy I know. But this is step 1 in Bethany catching up with her blog! More posts coming shortly!