Friday, October 22, 2010

Fancy New Website

Hi all!

So I decided that I should probably split my personal website and my business site. It will make it easier for people who want to see what I do to just look at my photos instead of trying to trudge through my rants and personal posts.

Don't you worry though! I will not neglect either site

They're like my children, I love them equally.
(ha... right)

The new fancy, business site is

There is also a link on the right under "Da Business"

Please check it out, follow me, refer your friends exc. exc.
I'm poor and I'd love to take some photos!

The site is still under construction but you get the idea
I think it's really starting to come together though.

I feel so professional

As for me, my weekend is going to be all about editing photos, getting the new website lookin spiffy, panicking about my digital assignment, and hanging out with my sweet boy....

Look how cute we are.

His homecoming talk is this Sunday btw. Be there or be square!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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