Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hey Bloggies!

Holy Moly it's been a while!
Finals kind of took over my life there for a little bit (a lot)

It's definitely been a bit of a downer when it comes to my blogging life!
O the life of an art major

But the good news is, instead of having a nice A on the top of a test at the end of the semester to show for it, I have some artwork!
See below....
I call this series-Happily Never After
Red Riding Hood

Sleeping Beauty

Snow White


Frog Princess


You like?
I was pretty pleased with the results myself.

Good news was I didn't completely kill my social life with finals week and we threw a little party last thursday
An ugly sweater party to be exact...
The girlies! Yes, Rach, Mariss, and I are wearing ornaments for earings. Love it

We had lots of activities. Like a gingerbread house contest
And we just enjoyed each other's company
(Guess what? These 2 got engaged yesterday! Congrats Zena and Zack!)
Party=a success!

Finals are OVER!

Which means I FINALLY get to start getting everything ready for MARCH 4th!
I seriously can't wait!
and I promise more frequent updates here!

Bring on the Christmas Break and the Wedding Planning!



Aubrie said...

Your pictures are crazy amazing!! Wow! You have so much talent.

Enjoy all the Christmas time and the wedding planning!! I can already tell your wedding will be spectacular!!

Mel and Al said...
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Mel and Al said...

I'm obsessed with your pictures. The red riding hood is my favorite. You are so talented!