Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventure Time!

So, sometimes when I don't have work (photographer for hire right here... pretty please) or anything pressing to do, I do this thing where I get super antsy

When I get antsy and it is warm outside, I really really don't like to stay inside for more then about 15 minutes

When this happens I drag poor Clay on random "adventures" like bike riding, trying to talk him into going on hikes, and making up errands to run

If that doesn't work, I beg him to come sit out on the porch in the hot sun and read with me

After a while this starts to get on the dear husband's nerves when all he wants to do is sit in the air conditioned house for 5 minutes

When this happens my super smart hubby decides that if he takes me on one really fun adventure that should calm me down for at least a week

Which is why Clay and I went and had an awesome day date down in SLC last week! 

And since it's me, the hubs knew I would want to go to the zoo and see the new seals and polar bears! 

I knew I married him for a reason 

We had an awesome time, even though the zoo was crowded and Clay vowed never to have kids after about 15 minutes 

When I do talk him into reproducing eventually, I swear on my life my kids will NOT pound or tap on the glass when we go to the zoo :) 

Clay decided that we have a much better appreciation for the animals so we deserve to see them more then most people at the zoo

We're kind of zoo snobs 

Hope you'll forgive us

And it wouldn't be a trip to the zoo without dip n dots! Maybe about 50% of the reason I go to the Hogel zoo. 

So, I realized I'm a really really bad blogger

I don't post pictures of myself in cute vintage clothes in different sassy positions

I don't arrange said pictures into an aesthetically pleasing grid of 4

While keeping my blog, short and sweet and saying something profound 

Or maybe something about how easy it is to find said cute clothes at DI

I wear jean shorts and v-necks (probably from target) 

I post WAY too many pictures (on this blog, of the iPhone variety) 

And say things that make you think we're zoo snobs (because we are of course)

And only post pictures of me from my iPhone, and usually with my hubbers making a face of some kind to prove that I am also alive, not just Clay :) 

So here is an artsy instagram to see if that will make me a better blogger.. 

Hope that helps :) 

After the zoo, Clay and I walked around the City Creek Mall and had a lovely time talking about what we would buy if we had unlimited funds

Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory (see instagram above) and had some really really good lemonade while people watching. Always entertaining. 

And after that, we walked to the Gateway and spent all of our money on books at Barnes and Noble because we're cool like that.

We've seriously been addicted this summer. 

I highly recommend the last few I've read: "Unbroken" (Super inspiring story about an airman during WWII) "7 Habits of Highly Affective People" (Best advice book I've EVER read), and "Jurassic Park" (Possibly better then the movie). 

Next up for me is "Ender's Game" and the whole "Chronicals of Narnia" series, as well as a book my sista-in-law recommended to me called Deviance. 

Who needs a real job anyway? 

Well Clay was wrong about the SLC adventure helping my antsy-ness. If anything it made it worse, which is why our friend Jordan coming to visit couldn't have happened at a better time! 

Yay for excuses to go out and do something! 

We were seriously moving and doing something for 3 days straight. 

One of my most favorite traditions that comes with Jordan visits is mini golf... Observe Jordan creeping in the background... 

2 artsy instagrams in 1 blog? You lucky ducks... 

We are determined to break the course record one day. Pretty sure we would invest in season passes if they allowed such things

After mini golf, we went to "Brave" which was pretty dang cute. I'll see anything that involves Pixar though

The next day was extremely hot so we hit up the pool that's a block away from our house. Gotta love these 2 boys... 

We watched lots and lots of 24 and stayed up until 3am one night... oops

Then we succeeded in convincing Jordan it was a great idea to skip his Monday class and hang with us 1 more day! 

and I talked the boys into an adventure that I've been wanting to try out for a while now... hanging at the beach at Bear Lake! 

We a little coaxing and bribing with Old Grist Mill sandwiches, we talked the exhausted Clay into making the 1 hour drive.... 

And it was SO worth it. We loved every minute of it. Who knew there was such an awesome beach in Idaho?! I could have sat there all day! 

Clay probably loved it the most out of the 3 of us. He is also the photographer if the awesome instagram above. I knew he wouldn't regret it :)

Our next plan is to go camping there one weekend and saving up some monies to rent jet skis for the day! 

The boys getting their tan on... 

And here is another reason why I don't like pictures of myself.... 

Apparently I'm not appropriate for all audiences unless photoshop is involved. I'll stay behind the camera thanks. Stupid cleavage. 

After a weekend of adventures, plus our SLC date, I can officially say I am worn out. 

At least until tomorrow when I drive back to IF to meet up with my dad for a weekend trip to Lovell! I'll be taking a few photos (thank heavens for work!) and hanging with some of my favorite people. Pictures soon to follow! 

Hope you are all having an amazing, and adventure-filled summer! 



Lucy said...

I like your blog just as it is!
Sounds like you had a lovely adventure, I look forward to hearing more :-)

Lucy x

Aubrie said...

You are too fun! I love your blog. I feel like I'm actually talking to you when I read it. I love your adventures!