Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happenings! Part 1

Once again... I'm a failure at blogging (sorry mom)

But guess what?
I'm going to be a college graduate in a little over a month...


That means I have to be a grown up soon

I have to get a JOB

But...Lets not think about it right now. I have a few months of blogging to catch up on after all!
So lets get started!

Remember when my lil bro got his mission call?
Remember how he went into the MTC 2 days after his 19th birthday?

Yep. They really needed him out there in Albuquerque (thank you spell check for keeping me from looking dumb)

Well, it was my family's first experience with the MTC and it was truly bitter/sweet. We drove down to P-town the night before, got up early to get ready (mama insisted on making us wear church clothes so we'd look nice for pictures).

The boys - Clay (who had to work)
Well, we killed some time picking up a few other things for Britton, then we headed up to the temple for some classic sending off the mish pics!

Yes, there are a few of them. I couldn't narrow them down!
My bro is a goofball

Look at all my handsome brothers
Gonna miss this boy :(
btw, check out my sweet tights. I kinda failed to remember there would be poor lil missionaries at the MTC. Are they MTC appropriate? Not exactly sure...
Mama and the Elder!
Poor Mama had a hard time (sorry for the pics mom. They were part of the whole experience)
Dad and brother
Notice the sad difference in expressions... At least Britton was excited right?
Classic Britton. What will we do without him?
At this point, I'm not sure if Devin and Hayden are mentally there. They were a little bit in a daze.
Britton was nice enough to let me take some quick pics of him for a school project. Get ready ladies, he'll be home 23 months from tomorrow!
Taking applications for my future sister-in-law starting now!
Now, I'm sure most of you know this by now but these days when you drop a missionary off at the MTC, you get about 30 seconds with them before they head inside.
Like a bandaid right? Just get it over with.

There is a big group of missionaries waiting there that grab the luggage, you hop out and give them a hug, and they're off on their big adventure!

It looks a little something like this...
Brothers still in shock

Hugs for dad
Happiest mom looked all day :)
And he didn't even look back.

What a champion.

Bye brother! See you in 2!
In other news, one of the more exciting parts of our day was as we were leaving the temple. I was just finishing taking photos of Britton and a very unusual sight came over the hill.

Yes. It was a large herd of gingers.

Upon closer examination, I noticed that 2 of these gingers were clearly of missionary age...

The Weasley twins were getting dropped off at the MTC
As we drove by for a closer look however, you will notice there were not 2, but 3 flaming red heads, all heading out on their missions!

Of course, we told Britton to keep an eye out for them but the Weasley triplets disappeared...
and so ends the chronicle of the MTC.

Now, onto something I talk about with almost EVERY blog I post.. SCHOOL!
A while back there was a really awesome workshop up at the school about collodion wet plates, ran by an AMAZING photographer, Joni Sternbach. Check out her amazing wet plates HERE
It was a 2 day process and it was SO inspiring!
Look how amazing collodion wet plates are!
In fact, the process was so inspiring that I decided to continue to do it for my BFA show!
Well, we've been buying all kinds of hazardous for a while now and hopefully we're getting started this weekend!
Unfortunately, I basically only have 2 weeks to shoot. I'm slightly terrified I'm not going to have time to finish things. PLEASE wish me luck, and please come to my show! Opening April 9th!
Also, please pray that we don't mix a terrible chemical cocktail that kills us all
and please admire how amazing collodion wet plates are
Now a few randoms from lately!
We threw my dearest Megan a Bachelorette party!
(she also got married on Feb 4th. It was lovely.)
Before Britton left, I went home a lot to hang with the fam.
Here's us at a movie (if you couldn't tell)
If you haven't seen Chronicle, you should.
Also, our nephew is cuter then yours.
Clay and I found a new restaurant in Logan that we love.
Kabuki, Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar!

Mmmmm yummy!
Great Sushi, great steak, great fish, and I'm a big fan of food getting cooking in front of me and catching vegetables in my mouth.
Also, Clay's Christmas present turned up, just in time for Valentines Day! It's called a Cajon and he happens to be very good at it! It's basically an entire drum set in a tiny box.
Just ignore his creepster mustache. It rears it's ugly head when we go into lazy people mode.

So basically once a week.
Now, onto more school stuff!
So we've been working on this huge combined assignment with the graphic designers and we're basically helping local businesses here in Logan revamp their image. The different groups were competing against each other for their final grade (which is determined by the businesses and our professor's vote).

Our businesses were Poco Loco (a swim shop), The Kater Shop (Suit Store), and Belle's Bridal.
It was crazy stressful but terribly fun.
We discovered that when you are shooting commercial work, some interesting things can happen.
For example, you could have 4 wedding dresses on your couch...
My go-to model Kelly! She's also an awesome photographer. Check out her bloggy HERE
So, the day of our shoot we had a ton of outdoor locations planned...
and of course it was raining
so we had to rethink our strategy, which meant driving around until inspiration struck us.
We ended up at the Episcopal church and got some AMAZING photos!
Our lovely models, waiting for us to set up
I just thought this photo was funny. 2 girls in wedding dresses, checking out our wedding photo.
Belle's Bridal also has prom dresses! This is from our prom shoot
We had some dancing ones as well that were very funny but my phone pics didn't turn out
We also had another 8 wedding dresses for catalog shots. The "brides" lacing each other up
We love our pretty models!
Well, that's all I got for now! I've still got to post about our 1 year anniversary and our recent, SO amazing trip to HAWAII! Keep checking back! I'm back to blogging!


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Aubrie said...

Good luck to Britton!! Your family is so great!

And, I wish you were the one to have taken my wedding photos! You are so super talented, Bethany!

(Perhaps you need to come do some newborn photos soonish....I wish we could see you all more!!)