Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love Love Love (so says Rach)

What?! 2 Posts in 2 Days?!
Yes, it's true! And I'm actually pretty impressed with myself I must say

But onto the important matters of the post! Over my lovely little trip (see below) I did a LOT of reading which of course I loved. I'm not one of those just lay out on the beach types, I have to be doing something or I go crazy. So, to get a decent tan, I usually end up going through a book or two.

This year I made it through 2I FINALLY had time to finish this one up! I was actually a little bit disappointed in "The Lost Symbol." Don't get me wrong, it was pretty great, but not as engaging as "Angels and Demons."

Dan Brown, it's your own fault for setting the bar so high for yourself

It's worth your time, but not before this .....

O. My. Goodness.

I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect from "Hunger Games" but after I started it, I could not put it down! I started it during my layover in San Diego and sacrificed schoolwork, food, and sleep to finish it when I got home.

So Good.

I won't spoil it for you and tell you what it's about, and if you read the inside cover, it's going to sound so weird, but trust me, you won't be disappointed. The main character is basically my favorite kind of person to read about. Strong and Sassy. The story line is so compelling, and after I finished, the first thing I wanted to do was pick this up and start reading...

Sadly, I'm going to have to exercise some self control and wait until more pressing matters are resolved (stupid finals)

And *sniff* the 3rd one doesn't come out until the fall *sniff* so maybe it's better to not get too involved too quickly.

Too Late

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Amber said...

totally read both those books in like 2 days...cannot wait for the 3rd!