Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sorry, I'm a Lame-O

Hey All!

So... sorry it's been a while since my last post. I've been a bit busy doing this-

All. Week. Long.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start from the beginning, before lovely days of laying on the beach.

The weekend of my flight, I decided to go visit my chicas, Megs and Al down in Provo over the weekend. As always, it was a GREAT time!

Mostly because of this..
And this
It was the Hindu "Festival of Colors" or Hare Krishna
But to us, it was "get covered in as much colored chalk as possible" day
It was VERY hard to breath at times
But it was most definitely worth it
Rachael's face says it all

It was also my first time sampling this little bit of goodness

Don't ask me why it was my first time at In-&-Out, but it won't be the last.

But I'm afraid delicious burgers couldn't hold a candle to THIS PLACE that I gorged myself on a few days later
If you haven't sampled Hawaii's famous Puka Dog, book yourself a plane ticket and prepare yourself. You'll never be the same.

This was probably my 5th Puka of the week.
Spicy Mango. Mmmmmmm

But most of the week was devoted to this

Hayden demonstrates how to live the good life with style

We also found this cool little place to jump off of the top of a waterfall

More terrifying then it looks, but hey, we did it anyway.

O, and there was a Rope swing too!
When that wasn't enough of a near death experience for us, we turned to THIS
Mattress Surfing
Which basically turned into a day of Bethany eating sand, drinking salt water, and loosing her top on more then one occasion.
We also did a little diving, a little boogie boarding, and went out to our favorite restaurants on Poipu beach.

So, basically my life has been pretty awesome over the past little while. Good times for sure.

Unfortunately, the next few weeks are going to be pretty dang stressful

Coming up:
My BFA review
This basically determines whether or not I get into my photo program
Photo trip to Southern Utah
This is still a "maybe" at this point in time since I don't have a tent... or sleeping bag.. or money for food and gas.. But knowing me, I'll find a way!
Las Vegas Hand Gun Course
I'll be packing heat shortly. You've been warned.

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