Thursday, June 3, 2010

AND.... WE'RE BACK!! Part II

Picture above taken by our dive guide, Richard. The dude is a fish
Needless to say, floating around surrounded by MILLIONS of tiny bodies was an amazing experience that I won't soon forget

Check out our video below to check out more from our trip to jellyfish lake.

The rest of these are from miscellaneous dives for the rest of the week

Sharkie getting up close and personal
Neato photo of some lettuce coral
One of our last dives was on a wrecked Japanese ship from WWII. Pretty amazing stuff!
The mast was covered in these lil guys. Pretty cool to see how nature just takes over after we're gone.

Another highlight for me was seeing one of these guys...
A Banded Sea Snake
10th most venomous snake in the world
I guess these guys crawl up on land at night to sleep then head to the water to eat. Luckily we had a dive master that knew where these guys like to hang out so we could see some of the action.
Our very last dive of the day was in Mandarin Fish Lake. It's this tiny little cove tucked between 2 islands
It's one of the only places that you can find these guys...
Mandarin fish! They're only about an inch or 2 long and probably the most beautiful fish that I've ever seen. Great way to wrap up the trip!

My uncle Neil always says, "Adventure is a situation with an uncertain outcome" and I do believe this qualifies. One of the most amazing trips I've ever been on, and I'm hoping that the summer will bring more uncertain outcomes.

Until then!


PS check out the video below for some sweet jelly action!


RdrB67 said...

Pretty sweet blog, Bee. Keep it up.

Tonya Lyn said...

not gonna lie to you! this trip sounds amazing....i'm pretty stoked that you updated this....and it's crazy how close you got to those sharkies and jellyfish. mmm. love it! an you!

Becky said...

Awesome! I should get certified. Jeff promised me he'd never go to someplace tropical without me. He went to Belize a month before we got married. There's a possibility we might go on a cruise for our Anniversary.