Thursday, September 16, 2010

Aim High

Guess what?

I'm feeling very inspired at the moment.

School has been amazing and I feel like I have FINALLY found my place
this is a really big deal for me

Last year as I was trudging through the mud that was Photo I and Photo II I really started to question what I was doing. Why o why did I decide to be a Photography major?

At one point I was very close to dropping everything, all of the work that I'd done up to this point and starting over. I just didn't feel like I had the passion that I needed to succeed in this field

O how the times have changed

Something has happened in the past little while that I'm pretty excited about

I rounded up some passion, and I have a new plan
Getting deeper and deeper into my photo classes, and having a pretty amazing instructor for my Digital class has made me realize that I need to aim higher in my chosen field

I want to aim higher

Before, my plan was to just do photos on the side. I was going to be that stereotypical wedding/portrait photographer, maybe get a studio, maybe not

and lately, I've come to realize, that's pretty dang bland
I need a little more room for creativity

and most of all, I could just DO so much better

I'm capable of SO much more

And realizing this has made ALL the difference

I'm going to work twice as hard at my photography
They ask for 3 prints, I'll give them 6
They ask for 2 rolls of film, I'll give them 4 exc.

I want to work for a magazine. Not Logan Magazine, or I.F. Magazine or anything like that
I'm talking National Geographic, Vogue, People, Scuba Magazine
something AMAZING, because I know that I can, and I know that that's what I want to do

So look out world, you'll be seeing BIG things from me!

PS. For a little inspiration, check out these photos by Andrew Zuckermen
I have his book "Creature" and I would LOVE to get his new book "Birds" which is where these photos are from. I love the angles that he photographs these animals from and it's something that I would never think of!


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