Monday, September 26, 2011

As of Late. A Semi-stream of Consciousness

As of Late...

I do believe I have watched every movie of interest on Netflix.
No seriously, I have.

That's what happens when you freelance I guess. You end up cleaning the house... a lot.
How 2 people can make that much mess when we are never home, I have no clue.

My fantastic mama came down last Friday and helped me redo my house and decorate for fall!
One of the best days I've had in a while. My mom and I always have a good time when we're together and I love how my house feels now! There will be a blog post with lots of pictures when my other bookshelf shows up! I can't wait!

I started taking yoga classes again. I always forget how much I love yoga until I start up again.

Just for a change of pace, we moved the mattress out into the living room
we might have stayed up way too late playing super smash bros and watching star wars.... and decided to keep the mattress out there for another night for an office marathon
this might be a weekend tradition from here on out.

Does anyone else have like 20 shows that all come on on Thursday? All at 7? Thank heavens for hulu.

and I just thought this was cute. Even though it is blurry.
I love us. Lots.

PS if anyone needs family pics done for christmas cards, I'm your girl!

More blogs coming very very soon!



Aubrie said...

I can't wait to see your new decorations!! I can't wait for your mom's help when she comes in Feb!

Mandy said...