Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Planets are not Alined

Holy Cow.

Clay and I just barely survived 2 not good, very bad weeks

Both of us stressed beyond all belief=not a good combo

I have been in the photolab every night for at least 7 hours

Sometimes more

and I am most definitely trying to procrastinate going up there again right now

Alright, I'm gonna vent for just a bit, all those people that buy an expensive camera then start up a "professional photography business" drive me absolutely insane because of weeks like the one I just had.

The dark room and photography professors are definitely a right of passage. You are NOT a photographer until you have sat in on a critique and had your 20+ hours of work torn apart Literally and Verbally.

Why yes, I am a photo snob. But guess what? I earned it ;)

Speaking of photography, guess what?

The new photo website is LIVE!

If you get a chance, go check out bethanyreedphotography.com

It makes me feel very grown up if I do say so myself

Keep in mind, it is still a work in progress (the logo is gonna be changed, need to add an "about me" page, and I'm still working on the galleries) but now my clients can view their photos in the proofing gallery.

With a password and everything!

I am pretty excited about it

Well, I better quit my procrastinating ways, and lock myself in the fine arts building for a few more hours. Keep checking back here because I have a few posts in the works. Posts with pictures, I promise! I just have a hard time taking photos when I am thoroughly resenting my camera at the moment.

The fact that I've been wearing hats and sweatshirts for about 2 weeks doesn't help either.

I promise I'll have happier posts coming in the near future!

See you soon bloggies!



Kari & David said...

I'm no photograph snob but I also despise people who buy a spendy camera and all the sudden they are walking around with business cards. I'd love to say it's just one person I know but it's not. There is so much more to photography then knowing how to use your camera. The proof is definitely in the pictures.I will have to check out your website, that is exciting congrats!

Melissa said...

I love you new business website! Hang in there with the photo classes and labs, you are almost there. :)