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2011 in Review+Christmas! Married Style

Hey All!

Happy 2012!
Hope the New Year has treated you all kindly thus far!

To celebrate the passing of one of the best years I've had, I thought I'd do a lil recap using Photos (surprise surprise!)

It was so fun going through all of my old photos over the past year and looking at all the fun we've had!

In January of 2011, we were deep in the bowels of wedding planning!

But we made time for fun things like finding a giant snowman out in Logan Canyon..
Maybe this year, we'll make one!
March 4th... we got hitched!
And what a fabulous day it was. My favorite day thus far! Can you believe that was 10 months ago? Craziness.
After the Wedding we had a little mini-moon down in SLC..
We visited the Aquarium
and the zoo! Wish I would have taken more pictures!
We went down to Provo and got covered in lots and lots of chalk...
and we did it with awesome friends
Clay had his first experience being married to an art major and helped me put together this little number until all hours of the morning...
and even now I think the hours and hours of work were worth it
not sure if Clay agrees ;)
We took a few silly photos together in photo booths
and we caught snakes on a Sunday walk
we wandered the farmer's market and had tasty tasty lemonade
and I had my first experience with a commercial photo studio at my internship at ICON
and I learned a TON. Still missing ICON a little bit to this day
We hung out with these cute kiddos as much as we could...

and they loved us for our iphones...
Clay had his first experience with college classes!
and I officially became a Reed woman on Clay's 22nd birthday after I successfully passed the Reed birthday cake ritual
We added a new member to our little family...
and Clay got a new bike
lots and lots of people got married
and we went to the zoo
with the Reed clan
The hubs taught me how to use a clothes line
and we had a little family togetherness time at my cousin's wedding
I got very tan, spray style
and we ate pizza out on the patio while watching 24... or The Office... or Cops...
We did a lil rock climbing
with our bestie Rach
and I worked a little bit more
Part of our childhood died when we watched the last Harry Potter movie
So bitter sweet
We did a little mattress surfing at a sorority
a little more difficult then you would think
I got to experience my first Reed family camping trip
and we did a lil fishing
and playin
and attempted to get a nice picture of (almost) all of us
I went on a man's trip with these handsome guys...
and got to enjoy the view
our fine steeds
and the fruits of our labor
after being gone for a week, I came home to an amazing surprise
from this handsome guy
we watched lightning storms from our patio
and Clay started his first FULL semester at USU.
And didn't agree with my enthusiasm :)
and I worked a little bit more. But how cool was my job?
we took cute, blurry iphone pictures
and tried our hand at one of my favorite, very strange trends, Planking
We had sleepovers in our living room
We went mini golfing
and decided we are going to invest in putters and become champion mini golfers one day
We had a snow day and made silly faces while drinking hot chocolate
and we took some naps.... Clay took some naps :)
Clay made delicious Filippino food
We carved pumpkins
and went to Lagoon where I got very wet.
we got iphones... oops
and became grandparents to the Luna puppy
we got a brand new nephew!
and hung out with our crazy friends
I took a painting class up at school...
that caused many casualties... my jacket... one of clay's shirts... my fingernails... our poor carpet.... my GPA... I'm clearly not cut out to be a painter
We went to the BYU:USU basketball game.
So much controversy... it was fabulous
and for some brand new news, one of my oldest and best friends got engaged!
I was lucky enough to take their engagement photos! Aren't they cute?

And some of the biggest news of 2011... my lil bro got his mission call!
Brace yourself Albuquerque New Mexico
Feb 22nd... it's going down.

Now, onto the last bit of news from 2011.... Our first married Christmas!
First off... Christmas Eve bowling...
we were a bit intimidated of the competition this year...
but we held our ground the best we could!
Apparently, Devin pulled a Sherlock on us and preferred not to be photographed.
Britton and Clay are feeling very good about life that day
Christmas PJ's this year were the best they've ever been. Britton and Clay's included monogrammed robes
and all of our pj's were chosen based on our preferred method of nerdiness
The Baird family Christmas haul. We (my mom) goes above and beyond the call of duty for Christmas that's for sure.
Opening presents VERY early in the morning
and I'm sorry to say I was a super lame sauce and got NO pictures at the Reed's for Christmas. We spent the day chasing kids around. And I loved every minute of it. :)

On a side note, Devin, (who was my secret santa this year) got me some freaking awesome zombie stuff this year (YAY Walking Dead!) this included these little beauties...
Zombie mints.
Well, one morning I decided a mint would be a great thing to have after brushing my teeth. So I popped open my zombie mints and threw one in my mouth. I did this so quickly, I didn't have time to process the very weird smell that the mints collectively gave off before I had a mint in my mouth.

It took me a second to realize that those mints were NOT mint flavored

In fact, they tasted like some kind of mixture between meat and the smell of cat food

So I investigated the container more closely (see above)

Why yes, those zombie mints are in fact brain flavored

And they do in fact leave a lovely after taste in your mouth, even after you brush your teeth again

and again

and again

Lovely yes?

Well, moving on to a completely different topic that I can't think of a clean segway into...

I got my hair did!
Please ignore the fact that I look kind of preggo in this next photo. I promise I'm not

Man that taco in my hand doesn't help my case much does it?
But my hair is MUCH more blond and fabulous! New year, new do!
Nothing too dramatic. I don't think I'll ever be able to give up my signature bangs... But mark my words, one day I will chop all of my hair off and become the rock star I was meant to be!

Once again, (enter creative segway into a completely different topic here)
Clay had to go back to Logan on the 27th.

Me, having no school, and no work decided to stay behind and hang with the family a little bit longer

Unfortunately this left me without a car

my dad conveniently has this airplane though

and he was nice enough to give me a ride back to Logan!
as you can see, it was a beautiful day for flying
and for some reason, my iphone has the ability to slow down the propeller blades on the plane
how gorgeous is that?

The husband was happy to have me back after almost a week

Being the good husband he is, he had pined and sulked around the house until my return

yah... that was a bunch of bologna

He was very excited to see that I brought home my parent's present to us...
Just imagine the editing I'll be able to do on this bad boy... I get shivers just thinking about it.

2011. You were wonderful

Give 2012 a few tips alright?

Can't WAIT to see what the new year has in store for us


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What a fabulous year! Great post, Bethany!