Monday, April 30, 2012

Dazed and Confused Stream of Consciousness

I am not a happy camper at the moment

I am down to my last 3 finals of my college career


If you can avoid it, don't be married to another student when you both have finals

I am not only stressing about my finals but Clay's as well


I feel like I look like a basset hound

The photo lab smells like burnt rubber and bacon (the bacon is my fault)

I have a paper to write, a test to study for, and 2 portfolios to prepare

It makes me laugh when the photo 1 and 2 students come up to the door and stand there awkwardly, not saying anything, waiting for me to get them something without really trying to get my attention

Just between you and me, I sometimes ignore them just to see if they'll say anything

Poor things. So scared to talk to the girl with the basset hound eyes and the clothes that don't match today (no judgements)

Thank heavens for my fellow upper-level photo buds

They keep me company and bring me chocolate when I look like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown (we've all been there)

I'm gonna miss this a lot in a few days

Clay brought me flowers for no reason today

They were orange roses which I just found out are "The embodiment of desire and enthusiasm"

That is neat.
Wonder if he knew that?

I was a big fan of the toilet paper he brought home today as well

We've been in the midst of a power struggle to see who will cave and buy the toilet paper

I'm so happy we no longer have to use paper towels

I miss yoga

"Is it just me? Or does every girl I've ever known seem to be in heat?"-Clay

So. Many. Babies.

We must not have gotten our procreating flier in the mail

I wonder if Cafe Rio would go well with that turkey bacon sandwich, 10 lbs of chocolate, and my fake Baha Blast (50% Sprite, 25% Mellow Yellow, 25% Poweraid) I had just a little while ago

A little part of my soul died when my silver stains disappeared

Anyone want to write my Climate and Climate Change paper for me? I'll pay you in collodion plates!

The minute I go out of town, Clay finds a lady passed out on our lawn and has to call the cops
1 ambulance, 1 fire truck, and 3 cop cars later I've decided I'm never going out of town again.

I think I'll go home and make flash cards now



Leigh said...

this was a delight. I especially loved the paper towels & your fake baja blast. don't fret too much, because we are going to play all summer long!

Aubrie said...

You are so funny. I love this post. I totally understand the stupid stress finals have on you. I never missed school, but I probably didn't have as much fun as you have had! (Nursing school is kind of a bummer).

You two take your time and have a baby whenever you want! Karson and I ignored everyones advice when it came to having kiddos...or the one kid we are waiting on being born (I'm praying like crazy she comes on your birthday. It's May 9th right?? PLEASE COME ON MAY 9TH, BABY DAISY!).

But, I totally agree that EVERYONE is having babies right now. (There were 9 of us pregnant in my ward...yes 9! How many now? One. me.)