Friday, March 19, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

And now, without any further ado, I present to you....


It started with,

A Snow Storm

During which we were stopped at 2 different wrecks for an hour each.

Great way to start the break right?

Good news is, we made it to Vegas in one piece and finally found some warm weather!

We did a little exploring around this cool little place called Red Rocks for a while
Rach is happy to be a part of it
:) Friends (:
And of course some classic pictures while on the road for hours and hours

And guess what? We made it to California too!

And of course, the first thing we did was hit up the beach

Did a little long boardingRented a tandem bike and cruised around a little bit
I miss it already
We took Rach on her first trip to the happiest place on earth (can you believe it was her first time?!)

I think she enjoyed it a lil bit.
Love Rach's mouse ears.
And acting like 10 year old girls


And we got very wet on this ride

We ate a LOT of these...And once again, went back to the beach
checked out some cute surfers
And took Lots and Lots of pictures

On our way home we decided to hit up Red Rocks again
But this time we decided to really bond with the rocks

TONS of fun
Little bit windy on the way out
Favorite picture of Rachael

Yah, pretty great trip overall, not gonna lie!

Next on the list for me is ridiculous amounts of homework to prep for

The Festival of Colors

I'll keep you all posted!
PS I *heart* Polaroids. Especially that last one


Ali Walker said...

LOVE this post! Looks like you had a BLAST!

Becky said...

So awesome you went rock climbing without us! Looks like a lot of fun. My first Disneyland trip was after I married Jeff. First time on a plane too.

Anonymous said...

I heart this blog post! Why can't you be going to college by me. You would be so much fun to have over on the weekends or something. I have to say you took some mighty fine pictures and I really loved you on the longboard. That makes you even cooler if that was possible.

Tonya Lyn :) said...

awesome...looks like you had an awesome spring break! I'm in california right now too...haha twins! love you woman!