Monday, July 12, 2010

Viking Adventures! Part 1

Hey All!

I'm alive I promise!

And yes, our trip was amazing. There are going to be a LOT of pictures to go with this post (2 posts actually) so be prepared!

Our last day in London was filled with lots and lots of sight seeing

This is a dragon statue that guards the city
We hit up the Tower of London as well! Pretty awesome history there and of course the little brothers loved it
An Executioner's mask
And some graffiti from some of the prisoners held in the tower

All Hayden wanted to see in London was the London eye... London delivered
And of course a classic pic with Big Ben himself
Kind of a cool pic of the House of Parliament
The Fam by Tower Bridge!
Later that night, I talked my family into going to see Les Mis. SO amazing! If you haven't seen it yet it's definitely worth your time!
However, I was shocked to see this lil guy walk out on stage...
On my honor, this is the only time you will see a picture of a Jonas brother on my blog.

Lil Nick actually did a pretty decent job! He wasn't nearly as talented as the other performers but he didn't rock his usual nasally voice so that was a pleasant surprise!

After rockin London for 2 days, we drove down to Dover and jumped on our Disney Cruise ship!

Here's some pics of my cute family.
Love Hayden's face in this one :)
AND... I just thought I looked real sassy in this one.
I'm a little vain sometimes
Our first port of call on our lil trip was Oslo Norway! We ended up just doing a little city tour which was pretty fun. We got to try some Norwegian goat cheese which was a very interesting experience. It's like eating fudge it's so rich! Here's the little butcher shop where we tried it.
The weather was beautiful. We packed for 60 degree weather and it ended up being about 85 the entire time we were there.
Norway is famous for their trolls. These little guys were all over the city so of course I had to show him some American love.

Alright, this picture is kind of random. I got Shirley Temple's every single night I was on the cruise just so I could practice tying cherry stems with my tongue. By the end of the trip, I was pretty skilled!

Alright next stop was Copenhagen Denmark!

This was pretty much a typical moment with my dad. One of my favorite pictures of him. :)
This beautiful city has a ton of canals going through it and people actually live on their boats! Pretty charming place
A kind of cool shot of the cathedral through one of the fountains
One of the most beautiful waterfronts I've ever seen!

Next stop after Copenhagen was Berlin! We had to take a 3 hour train ride to get there but the countryside was beautiful
This is the east side of the Berlin Wall. It's called the east side gallery because after the wall came down they hired a bunch of artists to come down and paint one of the remaining sections
Life goal #287-Touch the Berlin Wall... Check
Of course we had to stop at Checkpoint Charlie and the brothers found some pretty great souvenirs...
And the general joined in as well
Part 2 continued below...

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