Monday, July 12, 2010

Viking Adventures! Part 2

Alright, the next part of my trip was probably one of my favorite parts

St. Petersburg Russia!

What an amazing city

The buildings were massive. There were THOUSANDS of palaces there that literally took up entire city blocks

good news was the buildings were beautiful. This is "The Church on Spilt Blood" Probably my favorite building ever
Next:Catherine's palace. Keep in mind this is the SUMMER palace. The royal family only lived here for about 2 months out of the year...
We got to wear these attractive booties to protect the floor
The Ballroom! Alright, everything you see that looks like it's gold, is gold. Amazing right?
A little more detailed shot
This isn't a mirror you're looking at. It's a hallway! The royal family liked gold a little bit..
Pretty excited to be there. :)
And of course, it wouldn't be Russia without vodka and champagne! The Russians were pretty disgusted that we wouldn't try their most famous product, but I thought it was pretty funny they offered Hayden some.
We also got to visit the Hermitage museum that happens to be located in the old winter palace. The rooms were almost, if not more beautiful than the artwork on display

Here's a little piece by a guy named Michelangelo.. you might have heard of him before.
Just check out those back muscles and remember that he carved this out of MARBLE!
Mom was pretty excited to see some of Van Gogh's work in the flesh. He has always been her favorite. :)

This is her in front of a Monet

Our next stop was my favorite of the trip which really wasn't expected because I had never ever heard of the place until the day we got on our ship. It was a little town called Tallinn in a country called Estonia! It was seriously the most charming place I have ever been in my entire life
It was a little medieval town. The buildings had so much personality and all of the roads were cobblestone
And of course there were the street artists. Every once in a while you would just walk by some person sitting there painting a watercolor and selling their paintings.

Yah... we might have left some money in Tallinn because of these guys.
My handsome brothers, taking a breather
And the familiy in front of the city!
Fantastic right?
More views of the buildings and such
This picture is kind of an inside joke between my family. Yay for Icons! :)
Another highlight in Estonia was stopping at this little medieval restaurant. The place was so legit!
They even had bear and reindeer on the menu!

Here's Britton and I drinking our non-alcoholic shnaps. Non alcoholic shnaps AKA black current juice. Tasty tasty!
Here's my meal! Complete with barley and that pastry looking thing was called a bean bag.

Our last stop on our lovely little cruise was Stockholm Sweden! Unfortunately I didn't take too many pictures of the actual city because after Tallinn, it was kind of a let down. However, we did go to this place called the Vasa museum that was pretty amazing.
This ship is almost 400 years old! She sank on her maiden voyage out in the harbor and when they found her the brought her to the surface and restored her for us to enjoy!

Well, after the cruise wrapped up we stopped at Dover castle to get a little more sight seeing in before we had to head home.
Heading up the LONG flight of stairs to the top!
The view was pretty great if you ask me.

That just about wraps up my most recent adventure!

Now, it's onto being a responsible adult and doing some summer school and actually starting to do real summer things! Snow cones, camping, and bike rides are at the top of my list at the moment.

I'll keep you updated!


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