Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Great Snow Doughnut Adventure

My ex-roommate, Annette's family has a really awesome tradition that we finally got to participate in

Every year when it snows for the first time AND STICKS, every single citizen of Weston Idaho heads over to the Fonnesbeck household for some of these little babies...

These are Snow Doughnuts.
And they only happen once a year

Well for some reason that I can't recall, we missed out on the snow doughnut tradition last year

We would not make that mistake again

So on Monday when it FINALLY snowed a decent amount we all loaded up into 2 cars and started our drive to Weston

Dear Rachael has never been to Weston

So it was not surprising that as we were taking the back-roads to Weston in the middle of the night when she missed her turn

Being the good driver she is, she drove on until a suitable turn-off area appeared on the side of the road.

A little patch of gravel to be exact

Rachael turns into the patch of gravel

and just keeps on going....
Until the large, muddy field stopped her
and she said some things that you shouldn't say in mixed company

Over and over and over again
Understandable since her little jetta is stuck in about a foot and a half of mud
Tiffany and I got a pretty big kick out of it though

Well we tried to push the car out of the mud
But only managed to get covered in the crap in the process

So Marissa and company drove up the road to see if anyone could help some poor, stranded travelers, just trying to get to Weston for Snow Doughnuts in the middle of the night

Meet our good Samaritan..
AKA a John Deere tractor.

This little baby and it's driver (a really awesome farmer with a sweet beard) pulled the little jetta out of the mud with only minor damages!
(her front bumper might have been pulled off by the mud)

But it didn't matter because the hunt for Snow Doughnuts was hot in our blood

And after our little adventure, success was o so sweet...

Sweet Sweet Success

Lesson learned? Never take a Jetta off-roading
O and Snow Doughnuts are AMAZING



marissa89 said...

This post is fantastic and I have been waiting anxiously for it!

Bloomability said...

i feel like you got some of your facts incorrect, but i will forgive you. LONG LIVE SNOW DONUTS!!!!! and the yetta