Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A lil Proposal

Clay came down to see me on Friday.

We had a few errands we needed to run and things to get worked out for him to come to school

He said he wanted to take me out that night
We went to this lovely little place called Le Nonne, one of my most favorite restaurants in Logan
Please please please go check it out if you're in the area. You won't be disappointed. It's adorable

After dinner we headed back to my apartment
We sat and talked for a while and Clay told me he had a song that he wanted me to hear
but to get the full effect, I needed to close my eyes.
I laughed at his enthusiasm and let him walk me back into my room and sat down on the bed.
After he messed around with my ihome for a while, this song came on....

After the song had played, I asked if I could open my eyes.
Clay said yes and this is what I saw sitting on my desk

It was then that I really started to realize what was happening
Clay picked up the ring, and said that he knew it wasn't my real ring, but he was ready to be engaged. He then asked me to look at the inside of my "temporary ring"

Written on the inside was "Come what may." While Clay was on his mission, we liked to end e-mails with the phrase, "come what may and love it" from Elder Wirthlin's last talk. It's always represented hope for me. Hope for the future, and hope for us.

Then he got down on one knee... and asked me to marry him
I'm thinking you can guess what I said. :)

That's right, I'm marrying my high school sweetheart, my missionary, and my best friend!

And I couldn't be more excited

March 4th anyone?

Us the next day at Clay's first Aggie basketball game

PS, this is what my ring is gonna look like. It should be done this weekend! I can't wait!
In other, completely unrelated news, Clay got his first experience with snuggies this weekend...

I'm not sure if he's a fan
Have a lovely rest of the week everyone!
As for me, I get to go home tomorrow to see my FIANCE
I like the sound of that


Aubrie said...

I am so, so excited for you!! You are going to be the most AMAZING bride!! I am seriously so happy for you! What a sweet way to propose!! I love love!

Anonymous said...

This gave me chills! What an adorable proposal! Now the fun begins! I want to get married again just because that day is sooooo fun! Let me know if you need anything!