Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Mondays are always a little bit rough on me

It's just that kick back into reality
after a blissfully happy weekend

like a proverbial kick to the solar plexus

and it happens every single week

Well I was sitting at my volunteer photo lab hours
Doing my routine internet surfing

This is me during lab hours... surfing...
had to share that with you. My hair was cute.

and I stumbled upon a couple photographers that I think will help me get to the next weekend

Meet Tim Walker
Photographer for London Vogue

Holy. Crap.

Are these the most beautiful photographs you've ever seen?!

Please Please Please go check out his website. HERE
Feel those creative vibes flow into your body

Not enough for you?
Try Rodney Smith...

Mmmm mmmm mmm
Can you say Eye Candy?

Tasty tasty eye candy

It's amazing when/where you can track down a little inspiration

Even on a Monday



Aubrie said...

Wow. You really have an eye for beautiful things! (And your hair is super cute! Do you have a natural curl? If you have crazy straight hair like me and you are able to do that you have to tell me how you did it!)

Zena said...

I want the taxi one to be my wedding picture. haha

marissa89 said...

I loved all these beautiful pictures! I wish I could take delightful pictures too!

Amber said...

wow. thats all i have to say.

Tonya Lyn said...

you are beautiful! I love you! That is all :)