Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mini-Moon and Sunday Walks

Hey World!

I'm back from my wedding hiatus!

And I have a few stories to share!

But O so fun :)

I'm gonna save my wedding day recap for when I get a few more pictures back.
Something that I cannot WAIT for! :)

But just so you all know, it was a perfect day :)
I really can't thank everyone enough for coming and for all the work that was put into it
Especially my mom
She's pretty dang amazing if you didn't already know it :)

But like I said, no pictures, no story so we'll get ahead a little bit and I'll tell you about Clay and I's mini honeymoon to SLC! (Mini-moon phrase taken without permission from the Experiment in Poverty blog. I thought it was cute. And appropriate :)

It was so great to get away for a couple days, just the 2 of us, and to go out and do fun, nerdy things together and kind of get into the swing of getting married.

We did lots of fun things like...

Going to a Filipino Restaurant!

The Food was AWESOME
But I have to say my favorite part was Clay getting SO excited to talk to the staff there.
I love how much he loves the Filipino culture. And the people
Gotta love Sinigang :)
Thank heavens Filipino food is so tasty :)

We also did stuff for me, like checking out the aquarium...
For how much space they had there, I thought it was a pretty nice aquarium!
They even had Clay's new favorite animal..
Photos taken on Clay's Ipod.
I loved the caimans
Totally worth the trip and the near death experiences on the freeway during rush hour traffic :)

We also headed over to the Gateway so Clay could see his first IMAX movie

In 3D no less!

And of course, because I love animals too much, we went to the zoo...
Where Clay and I decided we'd like a pet giraffe
This was probably my favorite pic from the ENTIRE trip.
Did I marry a version of my dad? Perhaps...

Clay loved the monkeys.

Monkey's creep me out.

And we chased around some peacocks for kicks and giggles.
We also pretended to be rich for an evening and went to Ruth's Chris for steak that was WAY too expensive.
We felt very out of place
So we hit up P.F. Chang's for dessert.

Overall, it was a grand time!
Another big thanks to my dad for finding, and paying for our awesome hotel. We could walk to almost anywhere we wanted to go!

One more exciting bit of news...
It was warm enough to go on a walk on Sunday!

So Clay and I went and did a little photo safari!

We found a tree house in an abandoned lot near our apartment...
And I taught Clay how to use the manuel settings on my D70!
Check out his awesome photography skills...
Unfortunately... the weather didn't hold out
And today, it looks something like this...
Looks like a day for curling up with one of our new quilts and watching a movie!

Clay has dubbed this month "Trilogy month" so it works perfectly with our schedule!
Tonight we're finishing up Indiana Jones

PS Am I the only one that feels like I did something incredibly epic by just watching Lord of the Rings?
Yah, maybe that's just me... :)
Happy Wednesday Everyone!
And of course, more adventures to come!



Rachel Steed said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time down here in SLC! Next time you go to the zoo, let David and I know! We're literally 2 minutes away, and have zoo passes that let us get one other person in for free - we'd love to hang out with you guys!

P.S. I had a LOTR marathon in high school, and, upon its completion, I felt like I had carried the ring to Mt. Doom myself. :) You could do some great trilogies, too - Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars (the old, good ones) - what a fun idea!

Bloomability said...

you guys can't have a pet giraffe. i already grabbed dibs on that a LONG time ago. I've missed your blogging little lady..and i've missed you. love you