Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reasons 10-28 (really!)

Sorry I've been MIA, once again, for a large chunk of time

I've been busy with school, wedding things, and of course hanging out with my sweet boy. :)

If you didn't notice, he officially became the best fiance EVER with his sweet little blog hacking (see below) he always finds ways to make sure I know that I am loved which brings me to the rest of the THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY LOVER!

Yes, I'm terribly behind but I am determined to finish!

here it is...
Reasons 10-28

10. As stated above, he always finds little ways to let me know how much he loves me. Valentines day was a perfect example of this. I woke up a lot earlier then I normally do and discovered Clay getting breakfast ready for me. I was a jerk and ruined the breakfast in bed surprise but it's the thought that counts right? That combined with getting flowers and the sweetest blog post EVER made for a great Valentines for sure. But seriously, Clay is always doing little things for me, whether it's doing the dishes at my apartment or giving me a little kiss just because he feels like it, it's these little things that keep me hopelessly crushing on Clay Reed.

11. This one is a little bit different but I feel like it definitely has a place here. One of the reasons I love Clay so much is because he has the most amazing family ever. They are all so close and so much FUN and they've been nothing but nice to me ever since Clay and I first started dating WAY back in high school. One of the things I appreciate the most about them, especially Clay's parents is that they raised al of their kids so well. I know that Clay is the person that he is because of what he was taught growing up. The Reeds have the same sense of humor my family has, they have been so accepting and welcoming and I can't wait to be part of the Reed clan.
(We're missing a few members of the family here but you get the idea)

12. Clay might not agree with me about this one but Clay has a great sense of adventure. It's always been important for me to know that my future spouse wouldn't be afraid to try new things because it is an important part of my life. I think Clay said that it is because I was born without the part of my brain that creates fear, but I just like experiencing the world and Clay has always been excited to do that as well. I know that we are going to have a pretty amazing life together because the whole thing will be an adventure!

13. One of the things I've always loved about Clay is how much respect he's had for me. Since the beginning, I've never had to worry about him pushing his limits because I knew he would always respect me because he loves me!

14. This one is pretty similar to one of Allie's but I can love my guy for the same reasons she loves hers right? Clay supports me in whatever I do, especially when it comes to school. It's always been so important to me to finish and get me degree and work in my chosen field (hopefully at a magazine somewhere!) and because it's important to me, it's important to Clay. :)

15. Clay loves reading. This one probably takes a little bit of explaining I think. While other guys were sitting at home playing video games, Clay was reading books. It was one of the first things that separated him from all the other guys because he read so much, and since I love reading as well, we get along just splendidly in this respect.

16. This one has always been important to me, ever since I was little. Clay is a worthy priesthood holder. This has already been such a blessing to me with all the stressing that comes with wedding planning and school and preparing to go to the temple, it has been so great to be able to go to Clay to ask for a blessing whenever I need it and I know it is going to bless our home for the rest of our lives.

17. He's great with kids. Clay has 2 nieces and 3 nephews that are all pretty young. Clay loves playing with them and loving on them, no matter how crazy and excited they get. I know he's going to make an awesome dad someday because of how much he loves those kids.
It does help that they're so dang cute too...
Good genes run in the family :)

18. Clay claims to think I'm beautiful, even without makeup :) Every girl needs to feel like they're attractive right? Clay has seen me at my best, and my worst and still thinks I'm gorgeous, something which I definitely haven't earned. Those of you that have seen me when I first wake up in the morning know what I'm talking about. :)

19. Clay and I rarely argue, but whenever we do, Clay always says he's sorry first. This of course makes me forget I'm mad and after that, it's easy to talk things through.

20. Clay is DANG handsome. He is everything I've always looked for in a guy, tall, dark hair, awesome eyes, a smile that melts me, I could go on and on.
Case and point below...
What. A. Hottie.

21. Even after dating for over 3 years, we never run out of interesting things to talk about. We still stay up late talking about anything and everything. My school performance has probably suffered because of this, but it's nothing but fun!

22. He's a kid at heart, which goes perfectly with my 12 year old maturity level. :) If you need any evidence for this, just look at our wedding registry list.

23. Ok this is another funny one but Clay smells SO good All. the. time. It's so nice to snuggle up to Clay and have him smell so delicious! ;) Definitely not a bad thing.

24. Clay loves my family. It has been so easy to have him become part of the family because they love him too, most likely more then me. :)

25. He always remembers the little things I tell him. When we first started dating, I would mention things that I didn't think were important, names of people, dates, pretty much anything, and days, weeks, even months later he would ask about it or remember it! It's just another little way he shows me he loves me.

26. I love the way he looks at me when I walk into a room. :) I really can't describe it but it gives me butterflies every single time. It's like there is no body else there but us, in an awesome, cheesy movie kind of way. :)

27. He took me to the temple this Saturday, which was one of the sweetest experiences of my life. I am go grateful that I was able to share that with Clay.

28. He loves me, despite all of my faults and shortcomings. He loves me, even when I make mistakes and come up short. He loves me enough to want to spend forever with me. :)

Well, it took me a while but I finally finished! And before March rolled around too!
But unfortunately, I do believe I will be on a blogging hiatus for at least another week. After all, I am getting married in 3 days, 12 hours, 50 minutes.

And I cant wait.

Wish me luck as I enter the bonds of matrimony
Hope to see you all at the reception!


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