Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smiles for Wednesday

Clay makes me smile every single day

One of the main reasons I married him of course

Lately, these are some of the things about him that have made me smile:

This is something I learned about Clay just recently.
He has an undying love for what he calls "flamboyant socks"
We've been on the hunt for these socks ever since he got to wear a pair of these awesome socks for our wedding
And for some unknown reason, the market for brightly colored or patterned mens socks is greatly lacking in this world of ours
But the hunt for socks like these....
Makes me smile

Clay and I have been addicted to this game for about 3 days now...
O my heck. If you want a fantastic waste of time added to your life, invest in this one.
Watching clay get WAY to into this game makes me smile.

This little song has been the soundtrack of our life at the moment...
Clay is in LOVE with the Foo Fighters at the moment

and listening to him play these songs on his electric makes me smile.

Hope you all are smiling this Wednesday!

PS happy birthday to my AMAZING Mama!
I love this picture of us

And as I've said on this blog before, she's a pretty amazing lady if you didn't already know it
She never thinks of herself first
She's incredibly talented
and thoughtful
and is the most amazing mom you could ever have

so, to my most die-hard reader
and one of my best friends...
Happy Birthday Mom!
Hope you know I love yah!
You make me smile.



Craig ~ Melissa ~ Hailee said...

Happy Birthday yesterday Marice!! We love you!

Rachel Steed said...

David loves crazy socks, too; I've found that it's easier to get women's socks in a bigger size and just expect them to fit a little snuggly than to try to track down exciting men's socks. I can't remember the last time I saw David in a pair of plain white socks... :)