Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So... Little... Time...

Once again, the end of the semester has snuck up on me

and I have overloaded myself with high expectations for my final

and extra projects on the side

But what else is new right?

I really shouldn't be complaining though because I have some awesome news to share with all of you!

Guess who got herself a photography internship at a commercial photography studio?
:D Yep. Totally me! I start my internship here...
This Friday!
Probably not my best plan with 2 weeks left in the semester, but I'll figure it out somehow!

I also went home this last weekend to make some money and had 6 shoots this weekend.
That's right. 6.

My arms were actually tired by Sunday!

But It was really really fun, and I had some new experiences shooting...

Like this shoot...

My very first time photographing a new born!
O my heck it was SO much harder then I thought it would be!
Especially when his older brother decided that he was sick of holding this new little bundle of joy and forcefully pushed him out of his lap.
This one really bugs Clay. He thinks it looks like someone threw the baby away ;)
PS I should probably mention that none of these are edited yet... something else to add to my nice long list of things to do
I think my favorite part of the newborn shoot was these detail shots.

So cute.

Another new experience for me was doing senior pictures for guys. 3 of my shoots this weekend were senior pics for these dashing young men...
This is Ian. Yes ladies, he is single. Call me for his number...
He drives a nice jeep
Is a straight up gangsta
and he plays basketball.
Really really well
What more could you ask for? :)

This one is Michael
He is also single
He drives a sweet truck
And looks very dapper in a suit
O did I mention he's a cowboy from Wyoming?
I also took pictures for my brother's friend Brayden.
He is also single and hilarious
But I've yet to even find time to upload his photos which is why they're not seen here.

So, in the next 2 weeks or so...
1. I start my internship
2. I have to edit all my shoots from this weekend
3. I have 2 tests to study for
4. 2 papers to write
5. 1 Typography assignment to finish
6. and of course, the one that will probably kill me, my color photography 2 final. I have decided to turn beautiful girls into animals. 10 girls into animals.
Hopefully my eyes won't fall out of my head from staring at a computer all day

I swear I'll develop corporal tunnel one of these days..

7. I should probably mention continuing to feed my husband and try to be a good lil wifey and keep the house clean. We'll see how long that lasts. :)

Well friends, I doubt I will return to the blogging world for quiet some time
But when I do come back, I'll have some AWESOME pictures for you guys!

If any of you are in the Logan area, let me know
I'd love to have ALL OF YOU model for me

Until then!



Riss said...

I am always willing to model for you if you need me :)

Ashley Barkow said...

Single cowboy huh? haha jk. The baby pics are adoreable!! Good luck on the internship!

janjohn said...

Now I can't wait to see the rest! You are amazing!

klerisa said...

BETH!!!!!!! the pictures of Ian are absolutely amazing. HA! I freaking love that kid and you did great. [: