Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well look at that... I finally posted something!

We live!

I think I'll just stop apologizing for my absence in the blogging world.

Sometimes, one just gets busy
Or loses the free internet connection that one has been using for the past few months
stupid password protection

Well anyways, because of the lack of internet, you've missed out on all of the exciting summertime things the Reed's have been doing!

First off, we'll start with the less fun things... Work
I started my internship at Icon Health and Fitness a few weeks ago!

I have never worked a full time job in my life
Especially not during the summer
Im very used to having a very flexible work schedule because I'm usually working for myself

Clay says I was spoiled
I say I was blessed
You decide

But anyways, I had to grow up this summer and be a big girl and work 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday

At least the work is pretty entertaining most of the time.
Take a look...
This is one of our sets. They're filming a little infomercial at the moment..
Pretty cool eh?
This one is the stuff I'm used to. The Photo Sweep!

My job is to basically help the photographer with whatever he needs at the time.
Most of my work is moving lights around, grabbing random things like tape and such, and really trying to pay attention and learn about studio lighting. It's been pretty great thus far!

But of course nothing beats real summertime activities.

Like turning 21! I had to work on my birthday unfortunately, but Clay did a great job making my birthday special. He made me a cake...
With candles and everything!
And got me beautiful flowers...
He also took me out to eat (eating out has become one of my most favorite things, now that it is pretty much the last thing we can afford to do on a regular basis) He also let me get some pots with flowers, herbs, and strawberries to grow out on our porch! You have NO idea how happy this made me! Once again, you don't appreciate having something until it's gone, like space to grow a garden...

We also had a great time with Clay's mission buddy and his girlfriend who came down last weekend! We went to the farmer's market, went to "Thor" (which is pretty good btw), played Frisbee, (our new favorite game) and made some Parchment Chicken and played games. A very productive weekend I say!
Just us before church one day... made me laugh a lil bit
We also go on drives... Hey sexy...
And we skip rocks...
And of course, because it's me, we go on walks and catch snakes.
Clay knew I had an unhealthy love for scaly things before we got married, but I do believe this is the first time he witnessed it.
Hopefully he wasn't too creeped out by my lil friends
On our first trip to the farmer's market, Clay fell in love with a favorite booth of mine, "Hip Mama's Lemonade"
Fresh Squeezed and amazing. Delicious is an understatement.
And they have seasonal lemonades, as well as the regular. Last week was watermelon, this week, strawberry.
Despite the look on Clay's face, he really does love it
And who wouldn't? I think we'll be back often this summer...
We also got some Polynesian food that was pretty great as well. Next week, we're going for the legit mexican food :)
Well, that pretty much catches you up on our life here in good ol Logan!
I'm off to eat some stovetop smores and cuddle with my man,
Until next time!
Summertime, here we come!


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