Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brace Yourself

Be warned all who read this post

Because it might just be all over the place

So... onto business! I've been meaning to post for a while now

I feel like I have things to write about, the problem is that none of it relates, hence the warning at the top of the page

Life is grand here in good ol Logan!

Right now I should be doing something productive like editing photos...

Instead I've been sitting around reading Harry Potter for about 3 hours

And people wonder why I don't read books while I'm attending school?
It's called self control issues my friends.

Good news is I have been doing some productive things!
I've been starting a long and laborious process called
"Operation X"
Also known as "make Bethany look like a professional photographer"

I've been working on starting up a new website where you can view my best work,
hired someone to draw up some business cards for me
and I'm writing up set price lists
and perhaps setting up a deal with a website so my future clients could print their photos and get them sent to them!

Yes I feel quiet accomplished

I must attribute this new found energy and zest for my business to my job,
Or perhaps it's my sudden thirst for a sweet photoshoot.
the weather perhaps?

Who knows... anyways it's gonna be sweet so keep an eye out on here for updates. I'm hoping to have the website up and running by this weekend if I can manage it!
Cross your fingers.

In other news, Clay and I headed home for Memorial Day weekend!
Grand times were had... check it out

We had a gorgeous drive up...
And we played with these 3...
like crazy! I would have had pictures of their cousins, Paige and Hunter as well but they discovered how to take pictures and videos with my iphone and the battery didn't really stand a chance. Poor thing.

We also partied with my family, and pulled out the good ol segways!
Clay demonstrates the technique.
(Can you tell I like my Iphone camera?)
I would have more pics from my house but my mama wont answer when I call her asking for pics. Sorry all.

Well, I think I'll stop there before I jump subjects again. I just read through this and it's kind of a lame update, but what can you do? I'll most definitely try to keep up better! Especially since it's supposed to be in the 70s this weekend!
Adventures will be had!

But until then, I'm off to make enchiladas and watch "The Walking Dead" with my sweet husband.
Thank you Netflix
and thank you Clay.

Until next time!


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