Sunday, November 13, 2011

This and Thats

Hey All!

Here's a little update from the Logan portion of the world!


Not terribly exciting unfortunately. Clay had to work but I LOVE passing out candy and checking out the cute costumes.

My mama usually get about 10 bags of candy from Sam's club every year and ends up going through all of it in the course of about 2 hours.

I decided I'd start off slow and get 3 bags...
This is bag #1

and... it pretty much looked like this at the end of the night

Guess how many trick-or-treaters I got this year...


and lets just say they were a very "ethnic" group compared to what my mom normally gets in good ol IF town

Yes we're still eating halloween candy.
And thats fine

I had this little beauty to keep my company Halloween night..

Now onto my most favorite new update! Meet nephew # 4...
Baby Weston! Look how cute and new he is.
I haven't been around a newborn baby in a LONG time. (Probably 6 or 7 years come to think of it) I kinda loved it. I just held and looked at him for as long as I could and listened to the little noises he'd make.
It's a pretty amazing thing to hold a new baby like that. So much potential in one tiny, little, brand new person.

We also played with Weston's older siblings as much as we could
Logan is probably the funniest little boy to ever walk this earth.
He cracks me up. And he LOVES taking pictures with my phone.

We've also been babysitting this lil girl a lot lately...
This is little Luna Rach's puppy. Isn't she a doll? We're officially Luna's grandparents, which basically means we babysit and play with her and get to send her home with her "real" parents who get to pay to take care of her :)
We're the go to babysitters mostly for this reason. We wear her out. What can I say? We play hard.

On Friday we went to our very first Aggie Basketball game of the season! It also just happened to be a USU vs. BYU game so we ended up waiting in line for about 2 1/2 hours just to get seats.

But O it was SO worth it. We haven't been getting our basketball fix lately (stupid NBA lockout) and apparently we forgot what we were missing! We screamed ourselves hoarse and watched our Aggies battle it out to victory! Here's our lil group...
In other news, school is still very much school. Ugh. I just can't wait for this semester to be over and done with. I turned in my graduation packet a few weeks ago and I'm signing up for my last semester of classes later tonight (SO WEIRD) I'm not old enough to be graduating FROM COLLEGE am I?

Like I've probably said on here at least 1000 times, this semester has been pretty rough. I just have to keep reminding myself that there are worse homework assignments out there. Clay snapped a picture of me doing "homework" last week...
Yah, I really do like my major. And it's been nice getting good critiques lately.

Here's my most recent photo assignment. Be warned: It's extremely freaky, but it turned out exactly how I'd hoped it would. When Clay saw it he asked what was wrong with me.

I don't know husband... I don't know.
Scary huh?
Now, just to prove that I really am a happy, normal person... a picture of us waiting for the basketball game!
Well... maybe not too normal. :)

In other news, yesterday was another anniversary for Clay and I!

One year ago yesterday, Clay asked me a little question that changed our lives forever!
O how glad I am that I said yes! Pretty sure no one else on this good earth of ours could deal with me. :)
And vise versa :)

I sure do love that boy

Don't worry readers, my posts should get a little more exciting in the coming weeks
Especially because of where we're going to be this time next week!

Where you ask?

A little place called DISNEY LAND!

And guess who has never been?
(I'm looking at you Clay)

Pretty sure that's a crime that's written down somewhere....

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
We'll be back soon with more adventures!


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