Saturday, October 22, 2011

Random this and thats+Pumpkins

Once again, this post is going to be all over the place

Just random little bits about what's been going on here!

Clay made a new Filipino dish for me about a week ago
Introducing...Chicken Adobo!
It's basically chicken, garlic, onions, and potatoes...

Soaked in soy sauce and vinegar

and it was DELICIOUS!
Looking forward to more of that very soon!

In other news... school is just school. And horribly busy at that.
Want to see what this...
Plus 4 hours of work looks like?
Something like this...
This is our replication of another photographer's work. We totally rocked it. Just sayin :)

Now, onto the fun bit! We had my cousin Eric and his cute wife Lauren over the other night for some pumpkin carving and scary movie watching!
Hard at work, watching "The Walking Dead"
We LOVE "The Walking Dead" here. But I have to look away more then once during an episode. It gets a little (lot) gory.

Nothing beats undead fabulousness
Clay working on his Autobots pumpkin
Eric and his finished masterpiece
Anyone know what you do with pumpkin guts? I felt a little guilty throwing them all away...
Don't worry mom. We put stuff down on the floor, I promise!
Clay and I's finished pumpkins! We were pretty proud of them I must say
Eric and Lauren beat us out when it came to creativity though...
Here is Eric's pumpkin. Yep. The Bat signal is projected onto the back wall... so cool
And Lauren's Tiger! Could not believe the detail on that one.
Clay's transformer's pumpkin. He had to do a little toothpick surgery to hold it together but I was impressed!
And of course, my little Jack Skeleton pumpkin. (Hope Devin appreciates this one)
Pumpkin Carving experts
And us. :)

This last weekend was Fall Break at Utah State.
Clay and I didn't have anything too special planned so after surfing a little bit and finding discounted tickets online, I talked him into going to Lagoon for the day!

We took our buds Kelsey and John along as well and unfortunately they talked me into going on "The Cliffhanger"

I've been to Lagoon before

and I've been on "Cliffhanger" before

But apparently I forgot how wet you can get on it

and that it's mid October

In Utah
Clay was the smart on and passed on that ride, making him the only one out of the 4 of us not for freeze for the next couple hours.

Here's the gang... and of course my husband... making faces...
I highly recommend going to Lagoon in the fall. Hardly any lines at all!
Overall, it was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon!

Well my friends, I'm off to the photo lab (story of my life)

I'll be back with more stories soon!
Have a lovely Sunday!


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Aubrie said...

You guys are too fun!! How great that Eric and Lauren live so close!