Wednesday, January 27, 2010

O college...

Funny story today.

So, a little background. Being an art major (almost officially btw) I spend a lot of time in the Fine Arts building which I have been in a love/hate relationship since the first day of art classes. I love it because sitting in there for any amount of time makes me feel like I'm at an art school. Everyone in that building is either carrying some kind of musical instrument, a canvas or camera, or singing at the top of their lungs. It's so artsy and I feel like the incredible talent flowing through the place rubs off on me the more time I spend in there. The hate part comes after spending 14+ hours in the photolab. At that point, you start to forget about the warm, fuzzy feelings you had during the daylight hours and would really rather set the place on fire. After being in this art-school like environment for large parts of the day, at times it's good to remember that I do go to a regular school.

Today's story brutally threw me back into this reality.

So, Rach and I LOVE yoga, and we've been missing it a bit lately. Well, a yoga class opened up that fit into both of our schedules and we were pretty dang excited about it. We got into all of our yoga gear today and headed off to the Hyper building. Well, as we get closer to our class room, we notice a group of big black guys with YOGA mats heading in the same direction. Well, we got a little excited to show off our stuff to these guys, but as we get closer to the room we start to see more and more black guys with Yoga mats. Like not just 4 or 5, we're talking like 12 of these guys. When we finally got to the class room, we glanced inside and realized that the entire football team was taking this class.

We considered the situation...

for about 2 seconds

and decided to head back to the car.

It wasn't worth it to us to get undressed by the entire football team's eyes daily.

But thinking back on it, it probably would have been worth it to go to

Just one class ;)


Rachel Steed said...

Football players and yoga? Huh, that's odd. Maybe the coach wants a more zen atmosphere on the team; I can just see them all focusing on their breathing before a big game. :)

Julie said...

Bethany, You are a retard. Worse than any Jessika moment. Why the hell would you not go to that class? I would make sure I never missed that class. Ever.