Saturday, January 30, 2010

2 Years ago Today

The number 2 seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life when it comes to important things. I tend to have 2 best friends in my life at any given moment, 2 lizards sitting in my room, 2 years left of school, 2 people making up a couple, and 2 very important men in my life. The first, most of you know about. 2 years on a mission for him. The second left on a very different mission 2 years ago.

It was 2 years ago that I lost my best friend.

Tonight, as I did this time last year, I found myself thinking about what was happening the night before my world changed forever. I read the text messages that I couldn't bring myself to delete and are now one of my most precious life lines to my best friend, Skylar Alan Johnson. It was about this time 2 years ago, that I last spoke to him. Tomorrow morning at around 8am is when I got that phone call that was the beginning of the hardest day of my life. A day that I can remember every detail of, even today and that I will remember vividly for the rest of my life. But that's ok, because I need to remember it. I want to remember it.

I think the thing that really hurts me the most is how little I still have of him. I looked through every source I could think of tonight, looking for little bits of him. Pictures, text messages, anything that would help me feel close to him today and realizing that I have so little breaks my heart. Most of the pictures I'll post with this blog came from other sources. If I only would happen January 30th 2008, things would have been very different. I would have treated every minute, every photo like a gift.

Looking back today, I think that's one of the greatest things that Skylar taught me. Even when he was alive, just by being around him, he taught me to live every minute like it was the last you had, and that you would have nothing to loose. He taught me that life is an adventure! That no matter where you're at, there is always something to do (that could usually be filmed so that we could relive those moments as often as we wanted) ;) From Skylar, I learned that buildings aren't just for walking into, but climbing on top of at 3am. This leads to the highlight of my high school career and learning that a romp on the roof of the mall can be the
most terrifying and exhilarating experience ever. Bowling balls actually bounce very well when dropped off of a tall, slopped building. They also clear 17th street. Check surrounding areas for signs of traffic or human activity before doing something that "stretches the law." Shopping carts make very amusing projectiles when propelled by a car. They also make good toilet paper battering rams, hours of fun at the skate park, and perfect make-shift sleds behind a vehicle in the winter time, (Unless your na
me is Adam). The 4 wheel drive on SUV's and trucks was put there to get as much mud as possible on the vehicle. Using the 4 wheel drive is ALWAYS worth it, even if you have to tow your car out of Black's Canyon afterwards. "The Office"and "Brian Reagan" are 2 of the greatest shows on the face of the planet. "That's what she said" jokes can be used in almost ANY situation. If car's were built to reach speeds of 140mph that's just what they should do. Jeeps don't swim well. Mountain Dew is the nectar of the God's. Any activity that usually involves being away from town can be done in the city if you attach the word "Urban" to it. Examples: Sledding, Camping, Sailing, exc. Sneaking out of the house is easier then you'd think it would be. High school dances can be some of the best nights of your life. Dancing like no one is watching is the only way to dance. It's ALWAYS worth it to drive to Wyoming around the 4th of July, but you'll be broke for the rest of the summer. Long drives on the backs of motorcycles are amazing. PA systems are one of the greatest inventions of all time, right next to the wheel, and the printing press. A few large traffic cones make for hours of fun on a weekend. Laughing until your sides hurt can happen on a daily basis. Those phone calls until 3am trying to not wake up your parents are more important then you think. Deep friendships happen when you least expect them. Sometimes your friends choose you, not the other way around. One person can be the glue that holds everyone else around them together. Showing someone how much they mean to you is actions, not words. Stepping out of your comfort zone can change your life for the better. The Plan of Salvation is an incredible comfort to those who have lost someone. You never know how much time you've been given. Be the type of person that touches every life you come in contact with. One person can change my life forever.

Last year, when we all gathered together at Skylar's house, and talked about the memories, about Skylar's life, I realized something. It will always hurt to think about what happened. To realize that those 3am phone calls aren't going to happen anymore, and that everything was different from that day forward. We were all forced to realize that we weren't invincible, and we all grew up faster then we ever expected to. I know I'll cry every year on this day, but that's ok. There are some things in life that we aren't supposed to get over. The thing that is really important is to remember that Skylar lived! Celebrating his life is what today should be about. In his short time in this life, he accomplished something that most people never really realize. He appreciated life for that gift that it is. He touched the lives of everyone around him and I can honestly say one of the greatest blessings that I've ever been given is the opportunity to know him the way that I did. So here's to you Skylar. I'll always be thinking about you and I can't wait for the day when I'll get to see you again.

Take Luck Everyone


Wirkus said...

K so i should have already read this post. But i hadn't. You know how to say the words that i can never express. Thank you.

Next year, on January 30th, you call me so we don't have to cry alone. k?

Bethany said...

O Chan you're a sweetheart. I miss yah terribly. And that is definitely a deal. It always helps me when I can talk to people who actually knew him, especially on those days. Love yah hun!