Friday, January 1, 2010

It was a very good year...

So, i woke up this morning with a really good feeling. An unusually good feeling. But for a moment, I knew for a fact that 2010 is gonna be awesome.

I've never had this happen to me on a new years day. Most of the time, I make my resolutions, fail epically at most of them, and the next year sneaks up on me once again. Today was different.

And I'm SO excited about it.

Of course, I've made some resolutions... one of which is blogging more, but I'll discuss those as they come. This post is about looking forward to the future. I think the reason this year is going to be different is because I have SO much to look forward to, yet I have no idea WHAT to expect from it! But because I love lists.. and pictures... this is my tribute to 2010 and all that it could bring...

1. Next week, the start of my Junior year at Utah state, applying for the Art program with an emphasis in photography, taking a rock climbing class, and more adventures with some of my favorite people... most likely involving mustaches of some kind.

2. Palau in May... Pygmy sea horses and lots and lots of jellyfish, and me turning 20 in the middle of it all. Be excited

and of course, 2 more of my favorite people are coming along as well... my fellow chili peppers. Pretty dang hardcore

3. In June, cruise through Northern Europe with this guy...

My family will be coming along too... ;)

4. October 6th. One of my best friends is going to be real again and join us in the good ol U.S. of A!

Making sure he makes it until then should be an adventure in and of itself because of this...

5. November we get to clean almost all of these loons out of office...
Honest Leadership my foot. The republicans aren't much better. It's time to start from scratch.

6. Everything between-Unknown.

Buckle up 2010. Here I come!

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Tonya Lyn :) said...

Bethany! I miss you so much!! :) reading your blogs and stuff made me miss you a whole bunch and all of our fabulous memories we made in seminary :) we need to hang out before you take off and also before your missionary gets home!!