Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dear Mr. Horst

I greatly appreciate your life being interesting enough to write a paper about.

I find your work fascinating, alluring, strikingly beautiful, and classy.

You will most definitely get me through the week before spring break.

Maybe, if you weren't dead I could find some way to repay you.

Best regards,


This Photo makes me want to do yoga... All. Day. Long

NOTE: Sorry to any who found these photographs offensive, or if I didn't catch some of the nudity, but he DID live in Paris most of his life so you'll have to cut him some slack and forgive me for not noticing it.


Bloomability said...

Dear Ms. Baird,
I think this a wonderful blog, and yes, Horst P. Horst's photos are quite the inspiration. I could probably model for you if you wanted to replicate some of these. just saying!
Sincerely yours, Rachae

Belo Prado said...

haha! These are awesome

Ali Walker said...

wow, these photos are coooooool!