Sunday, August 1, 2010

My fam and I also took a little trip to Wyoming for the Baird family reunion!

Because I was on "vacation" I didn't pull my camera out nearly as much as I should have, but I did take a few shots when we were up in the Bighorns!

We did a little 4 wheeling and hanging out until we got eaten alive by killer Wyoming mosquitos that were BITING THROUGH our deet!
Cute Little Jack. Poor kid wasn't feeling good that day but he was a really great sport, and he's still nothing but photogenic, even when he wasn't feeling great.
Beautiful Mountains

Special shout out to my awesome family, especially those that read this blog (you know who you are) it was SO great actually seeing you guys instead of just blog stalking ;)

But on the serious side it was so great talking to you guys! You are all amazing examples to me and I am planning my eventual move to Arizona as we speak!

Our next big adventure was seeing the airshow in IF!

I wasn't really sure what to expect when we went but HOLY AMAZING!
I seriously had no idea that planes could do the things that they did until I went to this show!
Good news is I took tons of pictures!

We also had really really great seats since my dad has a ton of pilot friends so instead of dealing with all the crowds, we had our own food and nice comfy seats in an airplane hanger! The planes would go right by where we were sitting so that was pretty awesome as well!
Of course, my dad was completely in his element! It was really fun watching it with him and hearing the technicalities that go into actually flying those planes!
And of course, the stars of the show, The Blue Angels!
Only 18 inches between these planes!

July has definitely been a success

August, Bring it on!

PS Happy 1 year Blogging Anniversary!

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Aubrie said...

Yaay Bethany!! It would be so much fun to have you here in AZ!