Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cribs-Logan Style

Hey Bloggies!

Once again, sorry I've been MIA

We've been moving into our freakin awesome new place for the past few days and unfortunately we don't have internet yet!

Just so you know, we have the cutest apartment you have ever seen


don't believe me? I have pictures to prove it!
Here's a view of our little kitchen!
My parents were amazing and bought us a kitchen table and chairs and I'm pretty in love with the whole set up!
Another view of our huge kitchen! That door back there leads to our own personal laundry room! No more hoarding quarters and hauling your delicates down the stairs for all to see!
and my favorite part of the apartment... the living room! Isn't our cute decor so Design Sponge?

The 2 large photos were taken by yours truly, the Eiffel Tower was contributed by Marissa, the little photo top-left is Rach's, the brownish one next to it is a photo I bought in Russia, and the 3 paintings were bought in Russia and Estonia! We're pretty cultured if you didn't know
My parents also hooked us up with this AMAZING sectional!
Close up of some of the pillows
A few more
and of course, what cute little party house would be complete without the BIG TV? A hand-me-down from my parents as well. Cute chair is Rach's
House warming party pics will follow soon.
You're all invited

And probably a few of my cute room once the pillows are done

Until then...




Aubrie said...

It looks amazing! WOW! I need your mom to come decorate my house, too! I thought it wouldn't be so tough to decorate...but it is for me :)

Wish I could be at the house warming party and see it in person! LOVE IT!

Jill said...

oh my heck it turned out SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! i love the wall of pictures. it turned out JUST like the magazine or even better! love u!

Jill said...
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