Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

My last day of school is tomorrow. It's been an awesome 4 weeks but I'm happy to have the rest of the month of August off to do whatever I like.

Though I am going to miss listening to 4 hours of talk radio every morning during class
O Rush how I'll miss you

We went climbing again yesterday. It was awesome but my shoulders hurt like nobody's business
Did I mention I love climbing?
Cuz I do

I don't know why but I've chewed my fingernails down to nothing this week. Is it from stress/excitement about school? Or finding out a certain someone will be coming home on October 7th at 10:30pm?
We may never know.

I "won" a spray tan today. Well, I guess I should say Kinzie called me to tell me to be one of the first 5 callers so we could both get free spray tans.
I'm still not sure if I'm excited or not. I guess you never know till you try right?

I just pray that I come home with one of these perfect tans, (and maybe that body on the far right) and not like this...

Wish Kinzie and I well as we jump into the mysterious world of spray tanning!

My Blog needs a makeover. I want a 3 column set up but something that will show off my photos better. Any suggestions?

I've been spending at least $20 a week on malts from Charlie's (only the best ice cream place on the face of the planet)
I regret nothing

I take that back. My body hates me.
Yoga is callin my name!

I need to get my hair cut. I'll probably do my typical blonde highlights and my lovely lovely bangs, but mark my words, I'll probably cut my hair like this one of these days.

I'm a rockstar at heart anyway

We're moving into our "big girl" apartment next week and I couldn't be more excited! Just picked out the furniture this week and I'm headed for home to pick out pillows and such!

I'm sure pictures will soon follow

I'm also WAY too excited to hang with these ladies
O how I've missed them
Let the Shenanigans begin

Life, how grand it is.



marissa89 said...

Dearest Bethany,
Oh How I have missed you so, over the past couple of days! I get over joyed knowing you will be in Idaho Falls very soon! Miss'N'Love ya! ~Marissa

Ali Walker said...

dear bethany,

i can't wait to see you
and that picture is OLD!

Becky said...

Of course with a tan you loose 10 pounds too. Didn't anyone tell you that? lol Sorry that was an ad I saw a long time ago.