Monday, February 7, 2011

28 Things....

So, I know I started the little "Love Story" post and this is going to get me really off track but I think it is a pretty cute idea.

It's 28 things you love about your lover

Thanks to Allie and Chandel for participating so I can as well!

So... since I'm a little bit behind, I've got 7 things to post about today

No worries though, I'll keep it short and sweet

1. A few days ago, Clay talked to me in an Italian accent for almost an hour. I pretty much peed my pants. Clay makes me laugh every single day. I love just being silly with him and that he gets my weird sense of humor. Life is just more fun with him around.

2. Clay sees me the way I wish I really was. He has always seen so much more in me then I see in myself and this makes me want to be a better person every single day. It's an amazing feeling that I hope I'll never take for granted.

3. Clay was an amazing missionary. I am a very lucky girl because I got to stand on the sidelines and watch Clay become the person he was meant to be while he was on his mission. He honorably served and was kind enough to let me have a little part in this amazing experience so we were able to grow together.
4. He works so hard to support us. Clay would work any job, anywhere just so I could be comfortable and taken care of. Basically, my man brings home the bacon!

5. Clay loves macaroni salad and mountain dew as much as I do. This is a really goofy way of saying we have weird things in common and I love that we're still figuring these weird things out. We are MAJOR movie buffs, love reading, and a husky is our dog of choice just to name a few.

6. He puts up with all the really weird things about me. Clay not only puts up with these things, he actually seems to enjoy them for reasons I may never understand. One of these weird things that Clay not only understands, but embraces has to do with these lil guys...

yah, that's right, he loves me enough to love these guys too :)

And the last one for the day....

7. He is my indy rock star. That's right ladies, I get to listen to this...
All. Day. Long.
The best part is, he didn't learn to play to pick up the ladies... he just plays (and sings) because he loves it. He is so so SO talented, and I am the lucky one that gets to enjoy these talents of his.

Well, there yah go. My lover is the bestest!
And I've got 21 other reasons to share with you soon

Yep. That's right. I'm a sap
And I love it!

Stay tuned!


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