Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Alright onto reason #8

And he will tease me about this but Clay is one of the most CHARMING people I've ever met.
And he's been that way, ever since he was little. A while back, I was talking to Clay's mom about what Clay was like when he was a little boy and she said his teachers always talked about how charming he was.
Cracked. Me. Up.

But seriously, Clay is SUCH a people person. I've yet to meet someone that knows Clay that does not like him. (Pretty sure this is why he was homecoming king ;) ) It's so nice to have him around because once again, I'm pretty socially awkward so I can just sit back and let Clay make all the good impressions.

A great example of this was a few days ago after I got in a car accident. I was FREAKING out of course, and just so mad at myself and the lady in the other car was also not doing too well at keeping her cool, but Clay just started asking her questions about her life. How long had she lived in Logan? Did she have any kids? Grandkids? exc. He was genuinely interested in hearing about her life and she immediately calmed down. Clay made a good impression after we'd hit this lady's car 5 min earlier!
Can't get much more charming then that!
Seriously, what would I do without him?

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