Friday, October 7, 2011

A Fall Post

Not sure if any of you have noticed, but this is what Fall looks like in the rockies...

But even if we don't technically get all 4 seasons, I still decorated for fall!

My mama was nice enough to come down a few weeks ago (during the planet's are not aligned bit of my life when I was thoroughly depressed) and she helped me make my house all kinds of cute.

We added a little color above the sink...
With these cute little fake leaves
that we found at TJmaxx
Some cute lil Halloween towels
This awesome center piece. The mood is completed with a pumpkin scented candle...

The terrible weather comes with perks! I made some cheese soup a couple days ago!
I made a full batch, and discovered a cute lil idea on pinterest to freeze the soup in muffin tins so that you can just pull one out and microwave it later.
Unfortunately I underestimated how much Clay and I love soup and apparently the freezing was very unnecessary.
O well, the thought was a good one right?
Today was such a lazy day, I decided to make something pumpkin related so I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!
I just found out I misunderstood my mom's directions, so they didn't turn out like they probably should have...
Clay helps by watching "The Office"
Note to self, do NOT add the eggs, water, and oil the cake recipe requests...
It makes very flat cookies
O well, they still taste pretty good. Another unfortunate thing I did not anticipate is that the batter would make about 200 cookies. At this moment I am at the photolab, waiting for some prints to wash and Clay is trying to finish off the cookie batter.
Hope he doesn't hate me too much
If anyone wants some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, PLEASE come over

Cold weather also brings cold weather clothes
and hot chocolate! This first hot chocolate of the season!
Clay enjoys making faces
What a creep.

So, I mentioned that my mama came down and single handedly cuteified (yes cuteified is a word) my house yes? Look at how nice she is to me...
Look at our cute new book cases! I am in LOVE with this wall now
And we finally have a place to put our expanding DVD collection
I think it makes us look quiet studious don't you?

(I told you I'd be back with pictures! :))
Well, I'd better get back to work, but before I go, I leave you with this...
Poor guy is all tuckered out after a long day of relaxing.
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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Anonymous said...

Well worth the wait for this post. Love you both tons!
Momma B