Friday, October 14, 2011

White Wedding and Filipino Food

Yesterday was fabulous

One of the best days we've had in a long while that's for sure!

I suppose you want to hear a little more about it

I guess I could do that :)

Yesterday, one of Clay's very best mission friends got married down in SLC
Our good friends Colt and Sam (who got married a month or 2 ago) drove down and stayed with us the night before and we all drove down together! (after staying up until 2am watching "The Walking Dead." so worth it)

We were pretty excited about the whole situation (mostly just to get out of Logan for a while I think)
btw friends, more of you need to get married. Clay's friends weddings just aren't the same :)

After the sealing, we received a little blow to our morale when we found out that Five Star (the Filipino Restaurant that we went to on our mini-moon) closed down!

We tried finding more Filipino restaurants online but the search was sadly in vain (apparently Filipino food doesn't agree with the average Utahian? Utahan? People that live in Utah?)

We settled for California Pizza Kitchen
Here are our lovely traveling companions...
And of course, my meal of choice. Half Hawaiian BBQ, half Pepperoni. I should have gotten a picture of dessert. It was DIVINE
Well, since we had time to kill, we went to Clay's favorite place in downtown SLC, the planetarium! PS, sorry about the poor quality of these pictures. My phone tried to drown itself a while back. After intense CPR (AKA taking it apart, blowdrying it, and putting it in rice overnight) it came back, but its never been the same since.
We debated taking planking pictures here, but we decided that no one in their right mind would put their face on that "dirt" after watching the little kids running around all over it.
Who knows where they've been
Next was the highlight of the day for me. After Five Star failed us, we tracked down a Filipino market in Taylorsville. I don't think I've EVER seen Clay that excited. We walked in and Colt and Clay just started chit chatting with the owner, and the customers in tagalog. The funny thing is Filipinos are EXTREMELY friendly. They must have talked to this one customer for about 20 minutes. She broke into Taglish (like spanglish, but better) every once in a while so I could sort of follow the conversation.
When they weren't chit chatting with Filipinos, the boys were getting WAY to excited about finding their favorite Filipino foods again. There were high fives going around about milo (supposedly kind of like ovaltine), sinagon mix, and corned beef all over the place.
We made a pretty good haul and I am VERY excited that I won't be cooking much over the next few weeks. More blog posts to come about trying all this stuff out! We HAVE to make it back to the Philippines sometime. Hopefully soon!
After the Filipino market, we ran over to target to get some wedding presents. We hopefully got the best present award because we got them razor scooters (don't you worry, they registered for them!) Then we headed to the reception!

It was O so fun, especially this part...
Such a cute idea. They printed off 4 copies, 3 for the guests and 1 to put next to your note in the sign-in book!
Holy hanna we are nerds.

Sam and I got another taste of the Philippines at the reception as well in the form of about 6 mission buddies that Colt and Clay hadn't seen in over a year. I loved seeing that reunion happen and it was great to finally put faces to names that I had heard of in letters! (I did have to ask them what their last names were though. Mission friends apparently don't care for first names at all.)

We laughed all night at old mission stories and ate lots and lots of cheesecake. It was lovely. And just what we needed.

I love weddings

More little adventures to follow I'm sure! I'll keep you posted!


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