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Hawaii Times

See? I told you I'd be blogging more!

Be warned, lots and lots of pictures, all of the cell phone pics because I decided I was on vacation, which meant I left my "nice" camera at home and stuck with the iphone and my Holga.

Can I just say how much I LOVE instagram? It is my new favorite thing.

Well, this is all about Hawaii so lets get started!
Before we left Clay and I decided to do a little shopping and got some nice new v-necks for the trip!

As well as some sweet sunglasses. Can I just say I hope V-necks never go out of style? I won't have any shirts to wear if they do...
Well, the night before we flew out, we headed down to SLC and ate at one of my favorite restaurants downtown, the Market Street Grill. Best land-locked seafood EVER!

The next day, we caught our flight to L.A. and of course, took goofy "getting ready to get on the plane" pics.
We were pretty tired from all that traveling...
And my eyes hurt because I spent the flight to L.A. and the flight to Kauai beating Plants vs. Zombies.

Yes I know I'm behind on a lot of trends.
We got there around 6 Hawaii time and lucky for us, my parents had caught an earlier flight in and got everything ready for us! The first thing we did was take Clay to get his first Puka Dog.

As you can see, he wasn't so sure about it... That is until he took his first bite. It was love from that moment on.
The next morning we got up early and headed out to let Clay sample Poipu beach for the first time. Since it was a Sunday though, there was no swimming allowed. That's bad juju in my family.

Not a bad looking beach though huh?
We went and checked out the tide pools...
Then we drove up to Wimaia (sp?) Canyon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
Checking out the view
While we were up there, we found a cool little stand with local fruit. Clay got really excited because he found one of his favorite fruits from the Philippines..
These aren't sea urchins, it's rambutan! Once you peel them, they're like giant grapes with a pit in the middle
I'm a big fan
The next day of course was beach day and Clay got to swim in the ocean for the first time! He loves it just as much as me, if not more so. I knew I married a good one ;)

He also got buried in the sand for the first time
and of course, I have amazing sculpting abilities
Most of the week, we just hung out on the beach. We read books, went snorkeling, and boogie boarding, and just had a great time in general. One of the days we took a break from beaching and my dad, Clay, and myself went on a open door helicopter tour!

Getting ready to go..
Look! My dad was there too! Wish I would have taken more pics of my parents. We are eternally grateful to them for taking us and we had an awesome time chatting/laughing during dinner, hanging on the beach, watching that sci-fi show about the make-up artists, Everything! Thanks Mom and Dad! It was awesome!
Anyway, that was a random tangent. Here is me, getting excited.
We're so attractive, I know.
Just about to take off
And we're off!
The waterfall from Jurassic Park
Beach by the Napali Coast
Checking out the sights
Grand Canyon of the Pacific from a different view
Napali Coast
After our awesome ride!
Before our helicopter tour, we managed to track down a Filipino restaurant for Clay. One of my favorite things to see is to go into a Filipino restaurant/store and to watch the faces of the Filipinos when Clay asks them something in tagalog. Priceless.
Something we drive through often, the tunnel of trees
The view from the room

Bubba's burgers. So good.
A friend we found on one of our morning walks! A monk seal!
Clay is basically in love with the beach. I'm glad he loves it as much as we do :) He actually loved snorkeling a lot more then I anticipated which of course means the next step is getting him certified to dive! ;)
One of my biggest goals for the trip was to find Clay a turtle. While we were out snorkeling we saw all kinds of things. Clay found us fish I had never seen before, and I even found Clay a little snowflake moray eel but no turtles. One morning we decided to get up early and do some turtle hunting! We walked down to the boogie boarding beach and guess what was out the surfing the waves? Yep! I found Clay a turtle! Wish we could have seen it a little bit closer! Here's Clay, watching the boogie boarders and turtles.
Me messing with instagram
The monk seal, instagramed.
A few pictures from one of our last days on the beach.
Yep. We're nice and toasty and red :)
Look! I told you my parents came with us! Here they are in what Clay dubbed "the shade cave."
K so my mom is not a big fan of the water. She usually just likes to sit on the beach and read (not a bad pass time) and tan her feet. Well, our goal was to get her to go in the water, even if it was just for a little bit....
We did it! :D Next up, snorkeling for her! ;)

Well, as most vacations do, it came to an end far too quickly. Here's us on our last day...
But we had to show that we were happy to be there anyway!
My hubs is a cheeser.
And of course, we got one last puka dog. I believe this was Clay and I's 4th for the week.
So amazing.
On our last day we drove up to the north shore to show Clay more of the island.
This is a bird sanctuary
It also happened to be a great place to look for whales. We were lucky enough to see 3 of them, one of which decided to put on a show for us and kept breaching over and over again. So cool!

Here's the lighthouse that we were watching by...
Another beautiful Hawaiian coast.
We also went and walked around Tunnel's beach which was the official moment that Clay decided he was in LOVE with Hawaii. It was beautiful and not crowded and Clay and I might have seriously talked about buying a house in Hawaii someday... and maybe Clay finishing up school at BYUH... I'll keep you posted on that one. :)

He always looks so happy to be with me huh? ;)
Beautiful Day

Here's a few instagrams that I'm too lazy to reorder. Clay is sad he's on his last Puka

Straight from heaven. Yes I talk about them a lot. I'm way too in love with food.

Out taking pics with the Holga

And a few more from Tunnels

And last but not least, we stopped to get ice cream on the way to the airport. I love my mama and I love this pic :)

Now for a few randoms that didn't deserve their own post!
We were walking around Walmart a while back and guess what I stumbled upon?
It's a photo I took while I was at ICON! Yep! It ended up on the box! It definitely made me feel special! (Mine is the big one on the left)

In other news, Clay and I were responsible for the eternal happiness of 2 of our friends!
And by that I mean we helped set up a little engagement surprise! You can't really see it in the photo but there is a blanket fort at the end of the path with beautiful bouquet of flowers, some champagne glasses, and sparkling cider. So tender.
I've been doing lots of freelance stuff for ICON lately (YAY MONEY!) and I thought this pic was cool. You can see how much work goes into making one shot.
Yesterday I finally got to hang with my bestie and my cute lil puppy niece. I miss seeing my Rachael every day thats for sure. We took the Luna puppy on a walk around the river and I got just a little more puppy hungry
And I'll leave you with this..
Beautiful Logan Sunset

I'm not gonna lie, I might be taking a blogging hiatus for a while

This whole "2 art shows, a wedding to shoot, and graduation" thing is killing me
PS if you're in the Logan area on April 13th or the 21st, come to my shows!
Should be a party!

Well everyone, I'm planning on blogging about our 1 year anniversary (can you BELIEVE that we've been married that long?!)

Keep checking back here for more updates!


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That sounds like an AMAZING trip!! Your parents are such wonderful people!! You and Clay are so cute. If we lived closer we would be great friends! :) I love you guys.